DK Ghoul Tech Push vs. KotG DH Expo


This build revolves around attacking before the Night Elf’s expansion pays off too much and they can amass too large of an army to stop. You also constantly harass the night elf up until mid tier 2/tier 3 while creeping with your ghouls WITHOUT your hero in order to get your DK up to level 2 or 3 between the harass and creeps. If you miss your timing or fail to do any damage, the night elf will outmass you late game.

Difficulty of Build: Advanced. Must be able to multitask and hit at the correct timings. If you cannot farm with your ghouls while harassing and also hit before the night elf is too far out of reach you will lose.


  • You can harass and creep at the same time with this build.
  • Due to your harassment you will know the timing of the expo and also be able to slow down his expansion and a hero leveling.


  • If you hit too late or lose too many units creeping or to kotg harassment you will likely miss your push timing, resulting in a loss.

Mid to Late Game Transitions

This pushed is intended to be decisive. If you do kill their expand without contest but can’t end be mindful of their tech path. If they got to bears you can go for master banshees for possession or mass destroyers. If they are still struggling to get to T3 you can expo in relative safety as mass dryads will not fare well without an expansion.