I’ll light the way: Fundraiser for HoT ***UPDATE***


For the update, see below.

Warcraft legend and close friend to gym discord ToD just recently reached out to our community to try and set up a fundraiser for another legendary player: Ukrainian nightelf player HoT who was diagnosed with cancer and has started undergoing treatment.
For those who don’t know who HoT is: He is an old school player and was one of the best European players in the era around 2004 to 2008. He has a lot of deep runs in the biggest of tournaments and among other titles crowned himself European champion in 2007. Nowadays he is known as “hotwussy” on twitch, providing one the most entertaining Warcraft 3 streams out there, establishing the firelord and lighting the way with the craziest of builds. The great soundtrack he plays for his viewers is the cherry on top!
Needless to say ToD was flooded with ideas the moment he asked us. In the end he came up with a very cool lineup for what will be FOUR very entertaining showmatches live on Back2Warcraft:


12 pm EDT / 18:00 CEST – 1vs1 Bo5:
Spiral vs Deathnote

1.30 pm EDT / 19:30 CEST – 5vs5 Bo1 of the GNL coaches:
Smurf, Hipposaur, ArminvB, JTZ, Ember, Sythren, Kaiser47, GuvnoR, Cepheid and carsoNNN

3 pm EDT / 21:00 CEST – 2vs2 Bo3:
KraV & StarBuck vs Sheik & Bizzare

4.30 pm EDT / 22:30 CEST – 2vs2 Bo3:
Neo & remo vs Bidoux & carsoNNN

Please check out the Matcherino page that ToD set up to support the fundraiser! Complete the sponsor’s quests to add to the fund FOR FREE and/or give a direct contribution if you can!
It goes without saying that EVERY CENT MATTERS!
Also be sure to tune in to Back2Warcraft to join the fun and to show some love for the players, casters and of course the organizer!


The caster behind the popular channel W3History, fischieee decided to dedicate todays stream to HoT.
Tune in to the stream starting 3 pm EDT / 21:00 CEST and see how the legend has risen to world class level. fischieee will forward all the subs and donations that come in to the fundraiser! <3