1 AoW Fast Hunts Tech


This build is good for beginners who are just learning the game and not too confident in their micro since hunts are much beefier than archers. The build sees most of its use vs orcs who go BM and Grunts as explained below and is not bad vs ghouls/foots or archers/fiends in low numbers. However, over all this build is not utilized normally at the higher level as players will usually go hunts for early aggression or to mass tier 1 units with an expand and not simply to tech because it slows down your tech and thus puts you behind.

You do see variants of this build with an early expo and mass tier 1 units/kotg in NE vs. Orc.

Difficulty of Build: Easy.


  • Provides good map control in the early and early/mid game.
  • transitions easily into mass Hunts or Lore tech


  • No anti-air.
  • No AoW creeping means your Hero might be behind a little in levels
  • If it goes to late game huntresses are weak.

Race Match Up:

  • vs. UD: Not often used because UD towers and fiends do well against Huntresses.
  • vs. HU: Ok strategy as long as you transition out of Huntresses in the mid and late game. In the early game the Huntresses are good for map control and while the Human has footmen, but once they begin to transition into rifles or tier 2 units Huntress fall off. Human towers are really good against Huntresses so this strategy isn’t good if your opponent gets towers up in their expo.
  • vs. NE: Decent strategy as long as you can make a push before your opponent has too many Tier 2 units (dryads are a hard counter to Hunts, as well as Hippogryph Riders).
  • vs. OR: Decent strategy against Blademaster/Grunts. Huntress’ Sentinel upgrade helps keep Blademaster controlled. Research Sentinel early to ensure you can get vision on the Blademaster. When done in combination with Keeper of the Grove, this build has good potential.

Mid to Late Game Transitions:

  • vs HU: Once you reach Tier 2, get a second hero and transition into Lores. Generally, you will put down 1 Lore, start your tech to Tier 3, then add a second Lore. Train 2 Dryads and research Abolish and Adept Training for Bears while on the way to Tier 3. Then pump out Bears.
  • vs NE: This build order leads well to a Huntress push on Tier 2. Research Moon Glaives. You can grab a second hero, then hit your opponents base with 6-7 Huntresses, and bring a few wisps to either detonate on enemy heroes or make Ancient Protectors to help continue your push. You also have the option of adding in 1-2 Glaive Throwers to make this push more deadly.
  • vs OR: Once you reach Tier 2, grab the Alchemist and choose Heal Spray as your first ability. Research Moon Glaives. Start adding archers and if you have the resources, put down a 2nd AoW. A front-line of 4-5 Huntresses, a back line of Archers, and 2 Heroes will be your basic army