Amazonia Creep Routes


Amazonia is one of the smaller maps with the fewest amount of creeps. It also features one of the hardest and most exposed expansion spots in the solo map pool. As such proper creep routes on this map is critical in order to not fall behind.

Below are various creep routes for each race (UD still under construction).

Before you try these creep routes you should check this article on how to abuse creep mechanics (including lightning shield creeps and pulling creeps):

For the night elfs who do not know how to AoW creep, you need to check out this article first:

Human Creep Routes

Hu Mirror quick level 3 creep route

This is a creep pattern for human vs human. Creep both of the #3s at the same time. One with your army and the other with militia.
You need militia to creep spot #1.

Quick expansion vs NE

This is to be used vs Elf specifically. It does not give you level 3. You take your expansion and then in order to protect your expansion you generally head towards the night elf, unless the night elf comes to you. Alternatively you could creeps close to the expansion however you must be wary of creep jacks. You will use your militia to creep the expansion along with your army.
*Note taking the expansion can be made easier by using the “pulling the rock golem” trick.

When facing orc

This is to be used vs Orcs. This gives you level 2 and not level 3. However, generally an orc will be harassing you and as a result you need to defend your base and units. You will quickly use your militia and army to creep these camps.

When facing undead

This is the creep pattern vs UD. You will use militia to creep these camps along with your army.
Taking the expansion can be made easier by using the “pulling the rock golem” trick.

Night Elf Creep Routes

DH vs NE

There are 2 options.

The blue creep pattern is how to get level 3 relatively quickly. AoW and LS creep the first and second spot.

The red creep pattern is more harass oriented. AoW and LS creep the 1st and 2nd spots. Take ONLY the item creep at #3 (and grab item) then harrass.

Demon Hunter first vs Undead.

If the UD is going fast fiends, then do the Red creep pattern. Take 1, 2 and 3 (AoW and LS creep the first spot) and then harass the UD.

If the Undead is doing an early expansion build, fast dk slow fiends (happy fiends), or ghoul build then do the blue build. AoW creep and LS creep the first spot, take the item at the second spot then run your hero towards the enemy. Finish the 2nd spot with aow and archers.

DH vs HU

If the human is one basing then you can go the blue creep route by AoW creeping and LS creeping the first spot and second spot then harass the human where he is creeping (possibly at the enemies kobold camp)

If the human is early expanding, then AoW and LS creep the first spot, take ONLY the item from the second spot then go to slow down/deny the early expansion attempt.

DH vs Orc

Orcs generally like to creep on this map as there are multiple creeps which can drop good items to stack a BM up with.

AoW and LS creep the #1 and #2 spots and then go to the #3 spot. Take the item creep and grab the item and then run to #4. The orc will likely either be creeping it at which point harass him, or else take the creep/item yourself. Afterwards consider harassing the orc creeping or fend off the orc harass.

KOTG Creep Patterns

Here are 2 creep patterns you can do as KOTG.
Blue represents a quick level 3 creep route if you take all 4 spots or a easily adjustable creep route to react to an early expansion build of your opponent.. You should AoW creep and LS creep the #1 spot and 2 spot. If you are playing vs an early expansion build consider taking only the #1 and #2 spot then harassing the expansion.

Red represents a quick expo build in which you AoW creep the expansion. Consider doing the “creep pull” trick as to reduce the damage you take.

Undead Creep Routes

Under construction. Check back soon for Undead creep routes!

Orc Creep Routes

BM vs UD

There are 2 alternatives:

Blue Creep Pattern:

Lightning shield creep your laboratory, run the peon you used to setup the lightning shield into the small wizard camp and pull it towards your Bm to get extra lightning shield value.

Buy salves and run towards your goblin merchant where you buy a circlet. Then itemcreep the big wizard at the merc camp spot next to you with your BM and the grunt. After that run towards the enemies kobold camp in the middle (creepjack them if possible, if not check their merchant and their troll spot).

Red Creep Pattern is if you want to do the full merc camp. You need to do a 2 burrow tech to have the 2nd grunt when you start the camp :

LS creep laboratory, take small green wizard. Buy a circlet at the nearest shop then head to the nearest merc camp spot. Pull out the complete camp with one grunt, move in with the other grunt and the blademaster  and creep the whole spot for lvl3. While you’re creeping this, buy a berserker as soon as it becomes available.

Then look for the undead (middle kobold, troll camp, other merc camp) and harass them.

Note on both BM Routes:
If the Opponents send an Acolyte to interrupt your lightning shield creep, just leave it be. Creep the small wizard camp next to the laboratory and then move on to one of the middle troll camps (10 o’clock if your starting position is south, 5 o’clock if it’s north).


Mostly played with the 1 grunt into hh tech, since the one grunt speeds up the lightning shield creep a lot.  Lightning shield creep the laboratory with your farseer and grunt while your wolves kill the small wizard camp next to it (kill the wizards first, then the lvl 3 guy). Go to the middle and start your kobold camp, but position yourself in such a way that your farseer can check easily when and if the undead starts his kobold camp. Try to intervene and push him back if he does, if you don’t see him, start to creep the other kobold camp yourself but check what the opponent is doing (scout his expansion and the merc camp next to it). 

Vs Human

Blue Creep Pattern is for if you have grunts:

LS creep, small wizard camp, then go harass. (check kobold spot, merchant, expansion)

Red Creep Pattern is if you are HH:

Instant harass.

BM vs Nightelf

Blue Creep Pattern is for instant harass:

Use with fast shop build. Send a scout peon to mess up the lightning shield creep for the nightelf (run into the camp right as the archer shoots the first shot). Instantly run over to the nightelf with your blademaster (with items from your shop). Try to prevent lvl 2 if you can, if not try to prevent further creeping and do some economic damage. 

After the harass buy a circlet, meet up with your grunt at a merc camp, start to item creep the wizard and buy the troll berserker and shadow priest (if kotg) against the incoming entangles.

Alternatively you can take the item from the troll camp if you feel the nightelf might come after you and find you at the merc spot.

Red Creep Pattern is for a later harrass:

Go to your goblin shop, buy a circlet at the goblin shop and head to the troll camp. Item creep the forest troll berserker, while luring the trappers away with a grunt at the other side of the treeline. Then head towards the nightelf and try to do some damage. They’re either heading towards the kobolds (if KotG) or towards the other troll camp (if DH and you didn’t see them yet). Try preventing them from creeping, kill their archer and keep the KotG away from your base

Tip for Blademaster Strats:

The Merc camps have by far the highest priority of all the orange spots on amazonia for you. When playing Blademaster you should always consider to itemcreep or fully creep them very early. 

Versus NE the SH levels matter more than the bm levels so you usually wanna leave the easy lvl2 (lab + wizard camp) next to your base for your shadow hunter.

vs Orc

Blue Creep Pattern is for if you go FS first:

Similar Route as vs UD. Lightning shield creep the laboratory, while wolves take the small wizard camp, then head to your kobolds. Take your kobolds camp and creep up to lvl 3 at your little green murloc spot. Pick up items from your voodoo lounge and head towards the opponent to either harass his t2 buildings/burrows or to push him (pick up a second hero at the tavern for that).

You usually use the same route when going for the SH/Pitlord strategy.

Red Creep Pattern is for if you go BM first:

Try to delay/prevent the lightning shield creep of your opponent with a scout peon, while lightning shield creeping yourself. Head to your goblin shop, buy a circlet and creep the troll camp. If you managed to delay a farseer playing opponent earlier you can creepjack them now at their kobold spot. If that is not possible, either head towards the other troll camp vs blade players (but keep a look at the kobold camps you dont wanna give them to the other blade for free) or look for the farseer player to prevent their lvl 3.