Autumn Leaves 2.0 And Its Changes.


Autumn Leaves map creator, Tenshi, has been working on some changes to AL which are going live in the most updated version 2.0.

While w3c ladder is still using the older version of AL it has been said on w3c discord that AL will be updated to version 2.0 with the new ladder season. Furthermore, Dreamhack has posted on twitter that they will be removing the old version of Autumn Leaves and putting Autumn Leaves 2.0 into the map pool for its upcoming games.

So it looks like AL 2.0 is here to stay!

Here is a link to the file to download to check it out yourself:

B2W has reported on twitter that Tenshi made changes to “prevent lame on the middle expo, Nerf Keeper a bit via purge creep next to the base (esp. vs. Orc), Side Expo a little easier, Outside greenspots more rewarding, less item sniping in the middle”

Below I have screenshotted and compared a few of the major changes. But in the end you will have to check it out yourself to find all the big and small changes!

The first change you will see is the green camps near the base have been changed as have the drops.
The murloc camp was removed with a new camp placed on the side of the map (shown in the next image). There is now water behind the natural expansion
As you can see the murloc camp was removed and instead on the side of the map a new creep was put in. The pond on the right side of the new image is where the old murloc camp was.
This is the path from the middle of the map towards the red camps on the side. The trees have changed resulting in seeming more space.