Autumn Leaves Creep Routes


Autumn Leaves is one of the newer maps in the map pool which has 2 potential expansion spots. The expansion in front of your base is very easy to take. The map is one of the newer maps in the w3c map pool and as such people are still working on potential creep routes.

Below are various creep routes for each race (UD still under construction).

Before you try these creep routes you should check this article on how to abuse creep mechanics (including lightning shield creeps and pulling creeps):

For the night elfs who do not know how to AoW creep, you need to check out this article first:

Human Creep Routes

Early expansion creep patterns

This creep pattern does not give you level 3 but does get you a relatively early and easy expansion, typically vs UD. You will need militia to creep the 1st and 3rd camps.

Alternative expansion.

This creep pattern gets you level 3 and an expansion. This expansion is slightly harder than the other expansion. You will need militia to creep camps 1 and 2. 3 and 4 will give you level 3.

Flexible creep pattern to get lvl 3.

You can take the creep camps in any order you want on this creep pattern in order to get level 3. If you go for the shop first you only need militia for the first creep and not the other 2. If you creep the shop 3rd (dont creep it 2nd as it is rather inefficient with running around) then you should use militia for the 1st and 3rd camps).

Safe creep patterns to level 2

This creep pattern does not give you level 3 but does give you safe level 2s. You need militia to creep the first camp but after that any of the other camps listed will give you level 2.

Slow expansion build.

This creep route will give you a very slow expansion. Going to either of the #4 spots will give you level 3. You will need militia to creep the 1st, 2nd and 3rd camps.

Night Elf Creep Routes

Demon Hunter expansion builds

Both of these creep patterns are ways to get expansions.

The blue creep pattern is quicker giving a quicker expansion and allows you to harass easier thereafter if necessary. AoW creep the #1 spot.

The red creep pattern is slower but gives you level 3. AoW creep the first spot.

vs Early expansion or fiend build

If you are facing an early expansion build from any race then take ONLY the item on the #1 creep spot and then harass the expansion attempt of the opponent with your hero. Finish the camp with your aow and archer.

This is also a good vs fiend builds. Take the shop then go and harass the UD.

KOTG early expansion creeps

You can take the #1 spots in both the blue and red creeps with your kotg/treants/one archer/ and AoW. Be sure to AoW creep the expansion.

You can then either attempt to further creep by taking the greens (like shown in the red creep pattern) or harass if the opponent is attempting to expand themselves (like in the blue creep route)

Orc Creep Routes

Lvl 3 FS HH vs Undead/Orc

Works best with the one grunt into headhunters build. You start by creeping your green troll camp. After that your goblin merchant and the opponents natural expansion, same as the blademaster route.

It’s very possible that you will meet the Opponent at their natural, at this point you should have enough Headhunters already to contest the camp. If you don’t meet them and get a safe lvl3 instead, harass their base with lvl 2 wolves.

Passive Lvl3 FS HH vs Undead/Orc

Start out by taking your green troll camp and your goblin merchant right after. After that go back and take your natural expansion for a fast lvl3. Try scouting what the opponent is doing with hurt wolves. Get some items from your lounge and go try to harass with your fast lvl 2 wolves.

You can send the farseer towards the opponent while the units and wolves are still finishing the troll trappers at the expansion for a little bit of a time save. After that, your farseer should keep sight on the UD army, while your second hero can take the green gnoll camp and your orange bandit spot relatively safely. If the opponent tries to take mid camps you should contest them and if you managed to keep the DK on lvl2 cause you were creeping faster you should definitely try to take them for yourself as fast as possible. 

FS vs Human

Best with a grunt build (or one grunt into headhunters). Start with your green troll spot, take out the big troll to get the item, let the wolves and the grunt finish the spot by themselves while you move your farseer over to harass the Human.

Instant Harass FS vs Nelf

Harass. Do economic damage without feeding xp then creep big spots, preferably the ones in the middle.

Evasive Lvl 3 FS HH vs Nelf

Take the troll camp, then the 2 greens to the side and finish with the opponents bandit camp. This route is useful when playing vs Keeper and you don’t want the opponent to find and creepjack you. Since the first 3 camps are green you also won’t take a lot of damage on any unit on this route. It sets you up for a push to cancel opponents T2 Buildings or to creep the middle camps with your second hero as long as the lvl 2 wolves are still strong.

Blademaster in Orc Mirror

Start out with your green troll camp, then go to your shop, buy a circlet and creep the spot. Move your BM and grunt to your opponents natural expansion and start to creep the spot. Your second grunt should pop out around the same time and it can check your natural expansion to see if your opponent does the same as you. 

If he does or you know he’s not near you, you can safely take the whole spot for lvl3. Otherwise just itemcreeping the ogre magi and getting lvl 3 somewhere else might be safer. 

Harass with lvl3 Bm after, try canceling t2 buildings, send the grunts back to creep with your second hero

Passive Lvl 3 BM vs UD

Green troll spot, go to shop, buy circlet, creep shop, creep your own natural expansion. Then go check the middle with lvl 2 Windwalk. (Must be sure that opponent doesn’t go fast expo, so either peon scout for that or be sure the opponent plays standard).

Alternative BM vs UD

Green troll spot, go to opponents natural expansion and itemcreep the ogre magi. Then check the enemies goblin merchant and buy a circlet, if he’s there try to creepjack him, otherwise creep the spot.

BM vs Nightelf

Not many top-level games of this matchup on AL out there, it doesn’t look like there is a consensus between pros on a good route with BM here (also most orcs just veto it vs nelf or play FS grunts lately). You should send a scout peon to check if they are doing their green or their merchant as AoW creep to be. The greedy merchant creep should always be immediately punished by you.

Option 1 (same start as alternative BM vs UD): 

Creep your green troll spot, then item creep the ogre magic at the enemies natural expansion with the blademaster only (leave the grunts behind, safe from the keeper). If you see the KotG on the way chase him instead, keep him away from your base. When you got 3 grunts they can creep the green gnoll spot next to your base by themselves.

Option 2 (same as BM vs orc):

Green troll spot, buy circlet, creep your own shop. Check the enemies natural and either creep the ogre or go to the enemy goblin merchant (if the natural is crept already).

Option 3 (seems to be preferred by pros at the moment):

Instant harass, preferably with lounge items, try canceling the second moonwell.

Undead Creep Routes

Under construction. Check back soon for Undead creep routes!