Concealed Hill Creep Routes


Concealed Hill is a large map with 3 red creeps, 2 of which are health fountains. There are numerous creep patterns on this map as well as some creeps which players have learned to abuse.

Below are various creep routes for each race (UD still under construction).

Before you try these creep routes you should check this article on how to abuse creep mechanics (including lightning shield creeps and pulling creeps):

For the night elfs who do not know how to AoW creep, you need to check out this article first:

Human Creep Routes

Creep route vs human. No expo.

This is a good creep route to get level 3 in HU mirror and also gets you close to the human’s potential expansion. Use militia to creep the first spot and then to solo creep the 2nd spot as indicated. Generally you want to militia creep it after starting your tech as to not hinder your tech timing.

Early expo creep route

This is a creep route to go vs UD and Night elf and allows you to early expand. You will use militia for each of these camps along with your army. Be mindful of your wood income and do not pull to many militia for the 2nd spot as it is a very easy camp.
An alternatively creep route is that after you go to spot 1, you could go straight to the expansion and then take either the kobolds or crabs as a third spot.

Risky Creep, big consumable item.

This is a riskier build order which allows you to grab a big consumable item from the first camp however you may be exposed to early harass if they come at you. You can take the second camp after the first one and also militia creep the third camp for level 3. You will need militia for the first camp and obviously the third camp which you militia creep alone.

When taking the lab (#1) you must do the “pull the golem trick” so that you do not get bolted by the creep.

Night Elf Creep Routes

Creep patterns vs orc.

If you wish to creep for level 3, follow the blue creep route. You AoW creep the first spot. Creeping vs orc is about avoiding the orc. Take any 2 of the “3/4” creeps to get level 3. Be creative to avoid the orc.

*NOTE* You can also take the orange shop if you want instead of one of the greens, however, it is harder to take and easier for the orc to creep jack. You should check your orange shop to see if the orc is taking it.

The red creep route is for if you wish to harass your opponent. AoW creep the first spot. Take the second spot, and then check your shop to see if the orc is taking it. If they are, stop them. If they are not go harass them.

General creep routes

If you wish to harass early game, or need to stop an early expansion then follow the blue creep route. You have 2 choices, first either only AoW creep the #1 spot and then go harass. Or after AoW creeping the #1 spot, creep your green turtle camp and THEN harass.

The red creep pattern is a general creep pattern if you want to creep up. It is a good creep route especially in ne vs ne if you intend to creep up and not harass.

Undead Creep Routes

Under construction. Check back soon for Undead creep routes!

Orc Creep Routes

Note on CH creeping: the Ogre Lord in the middle is highly contested. With a Shadow Hunter as second hero it is very easy to snipe it early by hexing and surrounding it (or poking it towards your base while hexed). You should always think about incorporating it into your creeproute when playing CH or atleast prevent the opponent from getting it early.

Passive FS HH Lvl3 (vs UD/Orc)

Take your turtle spot, take your green ogre spot, then take your laboratory (with 3-4 headhunters, kill the mud golem first, then the big golem) . Your second hero can safely take your shop, natural expansion and either the murloc or kobold camp to get up to lvl3 while your FS harasses the opponent and keeps them from taking the middle spot.

Passive easy BM/FS any comp Lvl3 (vs UD/Orc)

Take your ogre spot, then the turtles, your goblin shop and the murloc spot next to your shop.

Go harass (or push vs orc) with your lvl3.

Slightly more aggressive FS Route vs UD

Go for the Murloc spot that’s on the same horizontal coordinate as your main base (if you start south, take the northern spot, if you start north, take the southern one), then contest the undead for their turtle spot (if they are not there, just creep it, they are on your side of the map) and their shop. 

If you’re playing grunts, contest the turtle spot with your farseer only and send the grunt and wolves to creep their kobold spot at the same time.

BM vs Undead

Take your ogre spot, then creep their murloc spot. Buy a circlet at their shop and check their turtles, if you spot them (they should be done with the spot already) follow them. If not, itemcreep their turtles and move towards your side of the map (you can send your second grunt towards your goblin shop as soon as it pops out, to get their exact position) or creep their shop for lvl3 (gotta concede all your small camps to them in that case tho).

Alternative BM vs UD

Alternatively, you also can start by just itemcreeping your ogre spot, then taking their whole murloc camp for lvl2 to have a slightly faster timing and be able to creepjack them at their turtles. Your grunts can finish the rest of the ogre camp by themselves later on while your bm follows their army around.

BM vs Orc

Take your ogre spot, move to one of the murloc spots and itemcreep the crab with your BM for lvl2, while your grunt scouts out the opponents creeping (send him to the other shop/murloc camp where your BM is not).  Buy a circlet (+ dust if the opponent plays blademaster) and either go harass the opponents peon line with your BM or harass/creepjack them if your grunt scouts them trying to creep a goblin shop (if they are following the passive lvl 3 route for example your bm should arrive there in time and their BM should be low hp). 

BM vs NE

Sending a scout peon and positioning it a bit to the side of their turtle camp is helpful to see whether the nightelf will do the camp as their lvl2 camp or is moving to your side of the map. If the peon scouts the creeping and moves back towards their natural expansion right away it might even live and scout for a potential nightelf expansion later on. Take your orange ogre spot, move your bm towards one of the murloc camps, buy a circlet on the way and snipe the crab. At the same time your grunt should be moving towards the opposite side of the map (than the bm) to scout the opponents movement. Find and chase the keeper with your BM and prevent him from getting any further towards lvl3 for as long as possible. It’s very helpful to have a peon or grunt scouting for possible expansions while your BM is chasing the keeper of the grove. A staff of teleportation helps a lot here, because of the map layout on CH even more so than on other maps. Either to get to their expansion to cancel it or to get your bm out after canceling it/harassing the entangling of the goldmine. It’s also very helpful for the SH later on to get healing and clarities after fights.

Versus DH it’s a bit different, you should still try to creepjack them if you see the opportunity (for example move to his shop if he wants to do it after, your peon saw them at the turtles), but you don’t need to scout for any expansions early on and can rather focus on picking up lvl3 for yourself.

Alternatively, you can go for a fast shop, buy a circlet at their goblin shop and arrive at their base before they are lvl2, try to cancel their second moonwell with your bm and grunt and prevent them from creeping.

vs Human

Instant harass. Send one wolf to check their laboratory after you’ve passed the middle, to not miss any greedy lvl2 attempts by the human. After that just keep the human in their base or follow them around, do not trade in any headhunters.

FS Grunt Fast expo Route (vs UD)

Needs an early second burrow and early voodoo lounge. Green ogre spot into your turtle spot, shop salves and scroll and start your natural expansion camp with 2 grunts and the farseer (third grunt in production). Kill the poison gnolls first, then the purge gnoll.

FS vs NE (instant harass)

Instant harass. Try to snipe something at their turtle spot and do economic damage (kill wisps, cancel moonwells). Keep in mind to split your wolves vs potential detonates.

If it’s going well or you are vs DH you can pull your headhunters and try to steal their shop and/or murloc camp after the harass.