Creepcamp vs. Gym Newbie League


On Sunday September 26 at 11:00 AM EDT/5 PM CEST Gym Newbie League will be taking on Creepcamp (the biggest German Warcraft 3 League) in a series of for fun show matches.

There will be an English stream here:
The German stream will take place here :

Here is the line up!

Most people reading this know what Gym Newbie League is. We are the biggest international league for non professional players focusing specifically on helping players grow and learn the game. You can learn more about the league here or on the rest of our site (come check out the GYM discord! ).

Creepcamp is in many ways a German equivalent of Gym. It is a community dedicated to Warcraft 3 and helping players improve at Warcraft 3. They also host various tournaments and leagues. The Creepcamp league is a huge league that divides players into divisions of varying skill levels. It ranges from beginners to high level players. While the site is in German and so is their discord, anyone can join. Some international players include Grinchy and Hipposaur.

Here are some links: Creepjack is the name of a weekly show about WC3 on the German online tv station “Rocket Beans“. The Creepcamp community is closely linked to the show since Creepcamp originally united all WC3 fans of the Rocket Beans community and has grown from there. The site has tutorials similar to what we have in our learning section of the website. Check out their drop down menus! This is a link to the Creepcamp league page. A link to the Creepcamp discord.

Any other communities out there who want to do a show match vs GYM/GNL hit us up!