Death Knight and Ghoul Tech vs. DH Naga/Panda 1 Base


This build allows a relatively quick tier 3 in order to access your orb and third hero but is also very safe in that you have multiple ghouls that can be used for base defense and creeping. Great potential for high hero levels and a fun combination of units to fight with.

Difficulty of Build: Intermediate. Requires micro and timing.


  • Flexible build that can be played aggressively or defensively as you can creep 3 or be aggressive at level 2 with Naga.
  • Universal opener that you can practice and perfect easily. Small variations allow you to diversify your strategy i.e. expansions or rushes.


  • Requires you to learn how to control multiple unit types in one battle on top of 3 different heroes.
  • Very timing and micro dependent.

Mid to late game transitions:

You generally have 1 of 2 choices later game. Go mass banshees for possession of bears to be able to flip a fight allowing you to concentrate on eliminating their dryads or try for a tier 3 expansion. If your opponent masses bears you will need 3-4 destroyers to win a decisive fight. Do not downplay the value of frost armour on an abomination either!