DK Ghoul Expo vs NE


Death Knight ghouls with an early expansion allows an undead to thrive in the ultra-late game. However, early expansions leaves you exposed to night elf pressure. An early expansion is more practical on some maps compared to others. Another aspect of this build is learning when to cut your losses. If you cannot hold the expansion, there is a point at which you can tech and not be too far behind – a skill only gained through practice.

Difficulty of Build: Intermediate. Must be able to defend your expansion from being taken down or else you will be severely behind.


  • An early expansion allows you to go into the late game with a very strong economy and opens the door to any late game composition you want. Even if the night elf also gets their own early expansion you are still 2 base vs 2 base which is fine in UD vs NE.
  • This build sometimes forces night elves to go all in. This could also be a con if you cannot defend it.


  • If you expend too many resources attempting to keep your expansion alive and fail to do so you are severely behind and/or dead.
  • This build is easy to pull off on some maps while on others, such as concealed hill, the expansion is harder and riskier to take.

Mid to Late Game Transitions:

If you get your early expansion up you can go virtually any late game build you wish to go. A transition to air is the most common transition as night elves generally have to mass either dryads or dryad/hippo to beat mass gargs.

As stated at the end of the build, you can go for mass gargoyles from 2 or 3 crypts, 2 frost wyrms, and 2 statues. You can also pick up a third hero depending on the heroes and unit composition of the Night Elf.

There are also other late compositions you can go such as banshees for mass possession or even necro wagon after your expansion goes up instead of going gargoyles.