Echo Isles Creep Routes


Echo Isles is a small map with an easy expansion. There are very few camps and the middle camps are ones which are highly contested and must be constantly scouted.

Below are various creep routes for each race (UD still under construction).

Before you try these creep routes you should check this article on how to abuse creep mechanics (including lightning shield creeps and pulling creeps):

For the night elfs who do not know how to AoW creep, you need to check out this article first:

Human Creep Routes

Quick merc access before expo

Both of these creep patterns work. One gives you access to mercs. Typically you do not go for the merc camp vs orc as it is too dangerous. You will need militia to creep all the spots (#2 is not necessary to militia but may help speed things up) but #4 on the blue creep route.
An alternative creep pattern to both of these is going directly for your expansion as soon as your hero pops out and taking a very quick expansion. However, you must then defend it and thus cannot continue creeping effectively. You may be able to take the green near your expansion, but the early expansion also does not allow you to militia creep separately on this map which you normally could due to lack of wood.

Night Elf Creep Routes

Creep pattern for expansions

The blue creep pattern is a standard safe creep pattern that can be used to get a reasonable quick expo. AoW creep the first spot. The fourth creep gives you level 3.

The red creep pattern allows you to both expo and also gives you access to mercenaries early. You must AoW creep the first camp but this camp is harder to creep. This creep pattern is what you will do if you are using warden especially.


This creep pattern only works on the left side of the map as you cannot place your aow on the right side near your expansion without waking up the creeps. You AoW creep your expo and then either go harass or take your green creep and protect your expansion from going up.

Non expansion creep routes

Generally when facing human or UD you can do the red creep route. Take the item from first creep and then run your hero across map to harass. Finish the creep with your AoW and archer.

Orc players like to take the middle camps quickly. As such if you are facing an orc, especially a bm, consider AoW creeping your 1st spot, take your 2nd, and then go for the 3rd spot to either stop the orc from creeping it or take it yourself.

Undead Creep Routes

Under construction. Check back soon for Undead creep routes!

Orc Creep Routes

Most of the creep routes on Echo Isles pass by the Marketplace. By checking available items at the Marketplace, players get a clue (from what’s available) which creep camp the opponent has already finished. The map has no red camps and there isn’t much experience to level up your third hero. That is why here orcs sometimes stick to the dual hero line-up: BM+SH, FS+TC.

No creeping.

If you don’t scout, go straight to the opponent’s green spot to creep jack. If he isn’t there, you can: 

(1) harass opponent’s economy;
(2) look for the oppo’s army, target units with low hp;
(3) snipe L2 permanent item from the Ogre Warrior. Note: BM needs early shop and usually speed scrolls towards the opponent.  

If you scout, you can adjust your route to creep jack the enemy at the merc camp or his expo. If you start with FS and your oppo starts with creeping his merc camp, consider contesting Troll Shadow Priest. 

Minor creeping.

You can creep just an Ogre Warrior to get the L2 permanent item or fully creep the whole green camp. If you start with BM, get back to your shop, sell tp and buy items. Afterwards, you can follow one of the following paths

(2)harass opponent’s base, figure out opponent’s creeping route and tech timing.
(3) check if the opponent is at the merc camp and then at expo with an option to snipe the Ogre Magi.
(4) go to the Goblin shop, get behind Troll Berserkers and creep them. (see WGL Winter 19 final, Happy vs Lyn). Creeping fully your green camp and 1 berserker gives Level 2.
(5) BM and grunt can snipe the Ogre Magi from the Marketplace. It is risky. Find a replay to see it. 

Creeping to Level 2 (safe, passive version).

Creep both green spots nearby the main. If you start with SH or TC, choose this route. Then choose one of the following creep path:
(3) Creep your natural expansion.
(4) Head towards the Marketplace, start creeping  the camp (pull the creeps) or search for the enemy.
(5) Head towards the Goblin Shop, start creeping  the camp or search for the enemy.

General Tips

Orcs usually don’t go for their mercenary camp in the early game and leave it for their second hero to get Level 2. The big murloc camp is also left untouched — murlocs give few experience and their camps are unpleasant to creep because of ensnare and poison.