Farseer Fast tech without Barracks


This is the fastest ‘standard’ strategy tech in the game. It used to be the go to strategy versus human until headhunters got popular and it’s still very strong in the matchup. You rarely see this build in other matchups besides human and if you do it’s mostly to go into mass wyverns later on.

Difficulty of Build: Intermediate. Need to be able to multitask creeping your second hero while harrassing with the first hero.


  • Super fast tech, allowing for a quick second hero and tier 2 units.
  • The strength of a high level second hero makes building an expansion safer
  • Non stop farseer harass keeps the human first hero on lower levels


  • Vulnerable early game, looses vs strong aggressive pressure
  • The farseer has a hard time leveling up and will stay level 1 or 2 for quite a long time
  • A harass against the orc base right as Tier 2 hits can slow your progress big time.

Race Match Ups

  • vs Human: very good; The farseer should be harassing and keeping an eye on the humans army movement through the whole early game. You want to prevent the opponent from getting lvl 2 water elementals and attacking your burrows. After tier2 is done you want to solo creep your tauren chieftain to a fast lvl3 to gain an level advantage over the enemies mountain king. With that lvl advantage secured, you are able to set up an early t2 expansion and transition into a fighting army composition of adept shamans, grunts, raiders and kodos.
  • vs. other Match ups: cheesy; you usually only see this build used in cheese strats like double bestiary mass wyvern or similar builds.

You can see FoCuS using this build against Sok in the first map of this video.