Farseer Headhunter Standard 2 Burrow Tech


The Farseer Headhunter 2 Burrow Tech is the most versatile opening orc players have. It can work vs every race and offers transitions into multiple strong mid and late game strategies. That also makes it a good choice versus opponents playing random.

Difficulty of Build: Beginner Friendly.


  • Strong early game pressure versus most enemies.
  • Fast and safe creeping with minimal loss of health due to wolves tanking damage.
  • Headhunters and most follow-up armies are comparatively easy to micro, making them a good beginners choice
  • Headhunters and units that compliment them deal high amounts of damage per second.


  • This is a slow tech for orc and the second hero is available a bit later than with other openers.
  • Headhunters are vulnerable in the midgame before any tier 2 unit or berserker upgrade are added to the army.

Race Match ups

  • vs. Human: very good. You should go for an early harass to stop their hero from creeping, most commonly followed by a tier 2 expansion.
  • vs. Orc: Good. Fast level 3 on the farseer is crucial, gets outscaled in the lategame by blademaster builds.
  • vs. Undead: Very good. Played very aggressive in the beginning, expo at tier 2 or a tier 3 play are both possible.
  • vs. Night Elf: Works okay vs. DH, can crumble completely vs KOTG, might want to keep headhunters out of opponents reach until you reach critical mass.

Check the below image, video, and late game explanation below to get a better grasp of this build.

Late game follow ups

As stated in the beginning this strategy is very versatile and can take multiple different paths. Which tier2 buildings to build, which second hero to choose and if you want to tech to tier3 all depends on the match up and your opponents strategy. 

  • T3 tech with double lodge: The goal is get master shamans for bloodlust and berserkers. Can work vs every race.
  • One Lodge (+ later beastiary): Usually to switch to grunt/shaman production vs standard human builds, paired with an expansion on tier 2.
  • One beastiary (+ T3 tech): Adds kodos and raiders as support vs undeads, either expand on t2 and mass or tech t3 and go triple hero.
  • One beastiary and one tauren totem: Add 2 kodos and 2 walkers to push with a 50 supply army in orc mirror. Most of the time with a shadow hunter as second hero.
  • T3 tech and double tauren totem: The goal is to get to triple hero, beserker upgrade, master walkers and tauren. Needs an extra lumber peon on t2. Seen vs human and in orc mirror.
  • Double beastiary: Either mass raiders or mass wyverns, most often seen vs human fast expansions or as laming strategy vs night elves.
  • Tower push on T2: Aggressive tower push right when tier2 is finished, choose firelord or naga seawitch as second hero. Can work in orc mirror and vs nightelves.

Check out this video from grubby which is about headhunters into bloodlust.