GNL Cup 7 Sign Ups Are Live!


GNL CUP Season 7 
Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Adept Cup
August 28 @ 11:00am EST

Haven’t had enough RIGGED GNL Matches this season? Well, you’re in luck! Now you get to play in a RIGGED GNL Tourney. GNL Season 7 *IceCream* Cup is back AND this time, its double elimination (WOOT). 

How do I sign up?

Message your 2nd favorite human @softicecream#4476 on Discord your W3C Profile Link, MMR, and chosen race by Thursday, August 26.  You must be on gym discord for the event (

Double Elimination Format

Based on participation, there will be several cups up for grabs: Bronze, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, and Adept CUP. Each Cup will be a double elimination tournament with each round being a Best of One game except the championship round will be a Best of Three.

Loser  bracket- The first time a player loses a match, they will go to the loser bracket. When a player loses two matches, they are eliminated from the tournament. 

Rules/FAQS/General information

Rules, FAQs, and general information about the tournament can all be found here: