GNL Fantasy League is live for GNL Season 14!

GNLFL was started for everyone to get involved with GNL! Support your favorite players by creating your own fantasy team of GNL players that will score points for you weekly. Tune into the Discord or GNL Twitch casts to watch your players get you points.

Read gotquail’s Week 1 updates write up here.

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Fantasy League Rules

1. Draft your fantasy team

Every player drafts a their own GNL Fantasy team ahead of the GNL season with the requirements below. There is no actual draft (like a snake or auction draft) and there are no restrictions on what players you can choose outside of the requirements below.

You will be choosing different players across different leagues (based on MMR distribution, not by actual W3C leagues), as well as a GNL team and a race. The fantasy season ends at the end of the regular season for GNL, so it does not include playoff performances.

You may have similar teams to other participants but there should be enough variation between the choices to make every team different.

Team requirements

  • 1 GNL TEAM
  • 1 RACE

2. Score points

Scoring is done over the entirety of the league – not on a weekly basis. Rankings are determined by season points. The fantasy team that has accumulated the most points over the season wins.

  • 4 points for every map win
  • 2 points for winning a series 2-0
  • 1 point for every player benched
  • 24 points if your team wins by more than 4 points
  • 15 points if your team wins by 1-3 points
  • 6 points if your team ties
  • 0 points if your team loses
  • 18 points for the race with the highest win % (per week)
  • 12 points for the race with the 2nd highest win % (per week)
  • 6 points for the race with the 3rd highest win % (per week)

Please note: These leagues are not based on W3Champions leagues, but just a general order of MMR. For example, the players in Adept are not Adept on W3Champions but their MMR range is the highest around 1700+. The groups were also determined just by equal distribution – not by certain MMR groupings necessarily. Adept players may also not only be playing Adept players throughout GNL. GNL tries its best to play equal skilled players against each other and at some points of the season, this may mean at any point a Silver player could play a Platinum player.

Betting points

Every week, captains will designate two matchups between their two teams as a highlight matchup. This can be a classic GNL rivalry matchup, a challenge for an eager player, or just a fun matchup that the captains may be intrigued with. Between the team matchups, that means there will be 6 highlight matchups every week (2 from every GNL matchup).

Fantasy participants will be able to bet on the winner of each matchup for 60 additional points (maximum bet of 10 points per matchup) a week with the chance to double the points you bet. But there is emphasis on the bet. If you are wrong about the winner you choose, you lose the points you wagered. Bets will be tracked in the #gnl-fantasy on Discord. Betting is optional.

What happens if my player drops?

If your player drops from GNL, we will replace the dropped player with their GNL replacement.