Fantasy draft is open for GNL Season 9!

GNLFL was started for everyone to get involved with GNL! Support your favorite players by creating your own fantasy team of GNL players that will score points for you weekly. Tune into the Discord or GNL Twitch casts to watch your players get you points.

GNL Fantasy League Standings

RankFantasy TeamPointsTeam OwnerPlayer PointsTeam PointsRace PointsBench PointsBet Points
1Off Guys209Colorado1612421201925
2can’t have nice things204BrickBaw13121221515
3Frostwyrms Imba201Phonix12721201320
6Barren loves vacations188NegaNebulas140216165
6Boshi’s Munchees188OldGreg1321320185
6Low Ballers188SoftIceCream147212015-15
9Galaxy Brains177Jampion135132012-3
9I Took an Arrow to the Knee177DragonbornBR1261322160
11Fourthage’s Fantasy175FourthAge131216170
14UD OP168OmgnTV1141620180
15Swedish Meatballs167Atari171161322160
16THE SICK BOYS AND GALS166sickboyyy122216170
17Hollebackgurls 165Holle441081822170
17Keep it PG-13!165Freeman119216190
17Tarmok’s colorful bunch165Tarmok117162216-6
20GNL Schlicher164AlbZ942122207
20Sav70’s Savage SuperStarS164RooK1101322190
22No Elf No Win162BurrowRush1082161710
23StoPClick’s BootCamp Clique161StoPClick109132222-5
24pischerman’s friends160pischner121136200
24Sons of Hyrule160Link992122180
26Planet of the Apes158Kaiser114136205
28peasants under siege stop yelling157MissioN111188191
29Babushka Boiz155hellomotto941822192
29Make love no War! 155Luli1021322180
29Pie Charters155EmberMate12213617-3
29The Goodfellas155Glaive103216205
33This team is so fetch154Barren112182018-14
36Barrens Chat150Light98182019-5
38In The Spirit of Troy McClure149Nether911662511
38The Tickle-Me-Egos 149AlterEgo104216180
42Salty Krautfingers144Flutschfinger101136213
42Team Not-Last-Place144gotquail99136215
46 All Pandas, no Breakers (remove them pls)142ImaPanda9921617-1
46Gryphon Biker Gang142FireAutumns99138157
48Fireal’s Fabulous Fantasy Team139Fireal99136210
48The Tavern139Venhail10621819-15
48We’re already #1 so why try harder139Remco10613619-5
51BuzzKill’s KillJoys137BuzzKill9221621-3
53Rum Ham135Debaser10013621-5
54Bhirroum, Bhirrumm, BIMMLE BUMMLE!134YungHofer9921618-10
56Perfectly Balanced to crap126BurdNGoN9518820-15

Fantasy League Rules

1. Draft your fantasy team

Every player drafts a their own GNL Fantasy team ahead of the GNL season with the requirements below. There is no actual draft (like a snake or auction draft) and there are no restrictions on what players you can choose outside of the requirements below.

You will be choosing different players across different leagues (based on MMR distribution, not by actual W3C leagues), as well as a GNL team and a race. The fantasy season ends at the end of the regular season for GNL, so it does not include playoff performances.

You may have similar teams to other participants but there should be enough variation between the choices to make every team different.

Team requirements

  • 1 GNL TEAM
  • 1 RACE

2. Score points

Scoring is done over the entirety of the league – not on a weekly basis. Rankings are determined by season points. The fantasy team that has accumulated the most points over the season wins.

2 points for every map win
1 point for winning a series 2-0
1 point for every player benched
8 points if your team wins by more than 5 points
5 points if your team wins by 1-4 points
2 points if your team ties
0 points if your team loses
6 points for the race with the highest win % (per week)
4 points for the race with the 2nd highest win % (per week)
2 points for the race with the 3rd highest win % (per week)

Please note: These leagues are not based on W3Champions leagues, but just a general order of MMR. For example, the players in Adept are not Adept on W3Champions but their MMR range is the highest around 1600-1700. The groups were also determined just by equal distribution – not by certain MMR groupings necessarily. Adept players may also not only be playing Adept players throughout GNL. GNL tries its best to play equal skilled players against each other and at some points of the season, this may mean a Silver player is playing a Platinum player.

Betting points

Every week, captains will designate one matchup between their two teams as a highlight matchup. This can be a classic GNL rivalry matchup, a challenge for an eager player, or just a fun matchup that the captains may be intruiged with. Between the team matchups, that means there will be 3 highlight matchups every week.

Fantasy participants will be able to bet on the winner of one of these matchups for 5 additional points a week with the chance to double the points you bet. But there is emphasis on the bet. If you are wrong about the winner you choose, you lose the points you wagered. Bets will be tracked in the #gnl-fantasy on discord.. Betting is optional.

What happens if my player drops or my player sits?

Unfortunately, it happens! Just like in fantasy football, you never know when your player may get bitten by the injury bug. But here, there are no trades or free agent pick ups. This is something we may change in future seasons, but for simplicity purposes we will do this first season with no pick ups or changes to lineups.

Team overview

CaptainFantasy TeamDrafted PlayersDrafted TeamDrafted Race
MissioNpeasants under siege stop yellingSaV70, YungHofer, Pokebunny, Link, SOULKEEPA, ThaGrinchy31, Stopclick, Vampy, MissioN, PlunderLLC, Holle44, toriidactylPerfectly BalancedHuman
WontuBOSHI’S MONKEES TAKING IT ALL!SaulGoodman, YungHofer, BELIT, pischner, OldGreg, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, Atari17, BloodNinJA, TLebbet, RUSH, NorthstarBoshi’s MonkeesNight Elf
hellomottoBabushka BoizSaV70, Pokebunny, MediK, pischner, Link, ThaGrinchy31, ZsomBoy, Humperdink, Vampy, Skyfans, Luli, WispPerfectly BalancedOrc
sickboyyyTHE SICK BOYS AND GALSSaV70, Pokebunny, MediK, Trowa, Colorado16, ThaGrinchy31, NingZiyun, blue, BuzzKill, TLebbet, ImaPanda, toriidactylSuperstars In TrainingNight Elf
BrickBawcan’t have nice thingsJampion, Pokebunny, MediK, Colorado16, Link, ValueSnack, StrsNStripes, BrickBaw, MissioN, PlunderLLC, ImaPanda, WispClutch or KickOrc
Holle44Hollebackgurls Pandabaernd, YungHofer, sickboyyy, pischner, FlutshfinGER, ThaGrinchy31, Konken, marsjoe, BrickBaw, Skyfans, TLebbet, toriidactylPerfectly BalancedOrc
GaeBolgWnDfansFATTYMASKER, SneakyTurtle, Tarmok, Trowa, Colorado16, ThaGrinchy31, NingZiyun, cakepiebisct, SuperMage, PlunderLLC, FlexFalcon, ruamtawlojSuperstars In TrainingHuman
DebaserRum HamSaV70, YungHofer, BELIT, pischner, Colorado16, ThaGrinchy31, StrsNStripes, Atari17, BloodNinJA, Habitant, RUSH, toriidactylBoshi’s MonkeesNight Elf
LinkSons of HyrulePandabaernd, YungHofer, Pokebunny, Heresy, Philcaõ, ThaGrinchy31, fourthAge, marsjoe, jani77, Luli, ImaPanda, WispClutch or KickOrc
LightBarrens ChatSaulGoodman, EchoGoodman, sickboyyy, Debaser, nwilliams28, ThaGrinchy31, fourthAge, marsjoe, BuzzKill, LIGHT, ImaPanda, toriidactylPerfectly BalancedUndead
BurdNGoNPerfectly Balanced to crapJampion, MediK, panorama, Heresy, HELLOMOTTO, ZsomBoy, doctajones, marsjoe, cakepiebisct, LIGHT, BurdNGoN, EasymodeFTWPerfectly BalancedHuman
EmberMatePie ChartersNrG, YungHofer, MediK, pischner, VERBRECHER, ThaGrinchy31, Stopclick, Atari17, MissioN, Skyfans, SoftIceCream, toriidactylFlem BotsNight Elf
GlaiveThe GoodfellasSaV70, BELIT, GaeBolg, DRAGONBORNBR, Serai, ThaGrinchy31, Stopclick, BuzzKill, Neo, LIGHT, T4rT4ricAcid, WispClutch or KickNight Elf
FreemanKeep it PG-13!SaV70, BFRjonathan, BELIT, Link, DRAGONBORNBR, ThaGrinchy31, StrsNStripes, Atari17, Neo, Skyfans, ImaPanda, WispClutch or KickNight Elf
Colorado16Off GuysNrG, Pokebunny, MediK, Colorado16, OldGreg, Barlenn, NingZiyun, Vampy, Atari17, PlunderLLC, RUSH, NorthstarSuperstars In TrainingUndead
NegaNebulasBarren loves vacationsNrG, YungHofer, BFRjonathan, Colorado16, OldGreg, ZsomBoy, NingZiyun, Vampy, MissioN, PlunderLLC, Habitant, NorthstarSuperstars In TrainingNight Elf
PhonixFrostwyrms ImbaNrG, Pokebunny, BELIT, Colorado16, HELLOMOTTO, ThaGrinchy31, NingZiyun, BuzzKill, Neo, Habitant, SoftIceCream, NorthstarSuperstars In TrainingUndead
RooKSav70’s Savage SuperStarSSaulGoodman, BFRjonathan, MediK, Colorado16, Serai, ThaGrinchy31, Stopclick, BrickBaw, BloodNinJA, TLebbet, RUSH, NorthstarFlem BotsOrc
ImaPanda All Pandas, no Breakers (remove them pls)SaV70, Pokebunny, GlaiVe, Debaser, Link, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, marsjoe, BuzzKill, Habitant, SoftIceCream, WispClutch or KickNight Elf
TarmokTarmok’s colorful bunchTomPoncho, YungHofer, Tarmok, Trowa, VERBRECHER, ThaGrinchy31, ZsomBoy, marsjoe, cakepiebisct, Skyfans, PlunderLLC, WispWild FishOrc
RemcoWe’re already #1 so why try harderSaV70, YungHofer, sickboyyy, pischner, DRAGONBORNBR, ThaGrinchy31, StrsNStripes, Neo, BloodNinJA, TLebbet, ImaPanda, toriidactylBoshi’s MonkeesNight Elf
KaiserPlanet of the ApesSaulGoodman, YungHofer, BELIT, Debaser, Link, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, Atari17, Adenor, TLebbet, RUSH, NorthstarBoshi’s MonkeesNight Elf
gotquailTeam Not-Last-PlaceSaV70, YungHofer, Pokebunny, Trowa, Serai, ThaGrinchy31, StrsNStripes, Atari17, Ninjury, Habitant, TLebbet, ruamtawlojFlem BotsNight Elf
nuelltzGameOfThrowsJampion, MediK, panorama, Heresy, HELLOMOTTO, ZsomBoy, doctajones, marsjoe, cakepiebisct, Holle44, LIGHT, toriidactylPerfectly BalancedNight Elf
sashazaAll-in-All-StarsSaV70, Pokebunny, GlaiVe, pischner, Debaser, ThaGrinchy31, Jelke, jani77, BuzzKill, ImaPanda, SoftIceCream, WispBoshi’s MonkeesNight Elf
NetherIn The Spirit of Troy McClureTomPoncho, Tarmok, sickboyyy, pischner, Link, Nether, StrsNStripes, Guru, SuperMage, FlexFalcon, PhyreJ, tormentaWild FishRandom
PhilipN00B-Killers_1337XDSaV70, Pokebunny, sickboyyy, VERBRECHER, Link, NingZiyun, StrsNStripes, jani77, MissioN, AlbZ, ImaPanda, WispClutch or KickNight Elf
OmgnTVUD OPNoirevoir, EchoGoodman, panorama, VERBRECHER, HELLOMOTTO, ValueSnack, StrsNStripes, Atari17, Neo, RUSH, Airosh, toriidactylWild FishUndead
FourthAgeFourthage’s FantasySaulGoodman, YungHofer, sickboyyy, pischner, Serai, ThaGrinchy31, Stopclick, BrickBaw, MissioN, AlbZ, SoftIceCream, WispClutch or KickNight Elf
AlterEgoThe Tickle-Me-Egos SaulGoodman, Pokebunny, sickboyyy, Link, DRAGONBORNBR, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, BrickBaw, BuzzKill, ImaPanda, SoftIceCream, toriidactylClutch or KickNight Elf
DragonbornBRI Took an Arrow to the KneeSaulGoodman, YungHofer, Pokebunny, Trowa, DRAGONBORNBR, ThaGrinchy31, NingZiyun, Atari17, jani77, PlunderLLC, TLebbet, WispBoshi’s MonkeesOrc
TLebbetTeamLebbetSaulGoodman, YungHofer, Pokebunny, pischner, Debaser, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, marsjoe, Atari17, TLebbet, SoftIceCream, NorthstarBoshi’s MonkeesNight Elf
FlutschfingerSalty KrautfingersPandabaernd, YungHofer, Sturmy, Link, Skywalker, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, marsjoe, Vampy, Luli, Holle44, WispFlem BotsNight Elf
AlbZGNL SchlicherPandabaernd, Pokebunny, GlaiVe, Link, Philcaõ, ValueSnack, fourthAge, Ninjury, Neo, ImaPanda, SoftIceCream, WispClutch or KickOrc
LuliMake love no War! Pandabaernd, YungHofer, Pokebunny, Link, Skywalker, ThaGrinchy31, Barlenn, marsjoe, Neo, Luli, Holle44, tormentaFlem BotsOrc
OldGregBoshi’s MuncheesSaulGoodman, YungHofer, GaeBolg, Trowa, OldGreg, ThaGrinchy31, NingZiyun, blue, Atari17, PlunderLLC, RUSH, NorthstarBoshi’s MonkeesUndead
VenhailThe TavernFATTYMASKER, SneakyTurtle, BELIT, Link, HELLOMOTTO, ThaGrinchy31, Stopclick, cakepiebisct, Neo, PlunderLLC, ImaPanda, toriidactylClutch or KickHuman
floss2xdailyHumbaFATTYMASKER, YungHofer, PieCommando, nwilliams28, FlutshfinGER, Nether, CURUNIR, cakepiebisct, skyfans, FlexFalcon, RegiTehT, ruamtawlojFlem BotsHuman
breezeeyBougeoisOrcw/PoloShirtPandabaernd, Pokebunny, BELIT, Trowa, Colorado16, ThaGrinchy31, NingZiyun, Guru, MissioN, Skyfans, PhyreJ, WispClutch or KickNight Elf
FireAutumnsGryphon Biker GangNoirevoir, Pokebunny, BFRjonathan, Colorado16, FlutshfinGER, NingZiyun, PieCommando, Vampy, BuzzKill, PlunderLLC, SoftIceCream, toriidactylFlem BotsHuman
StoPClickStoPClick’s BootCamp CliqueSaulGoodman, SneakyTurtle, BFRjonathan, Colorado16, Debaser, ThaGrinchy31, doctajones, Vampy, Ninjury, TLebbet, RUSH, NorthstarBoshi’s MonkeesOrc
NIN-SeraiSeraiSaV70, YungHofer, MediK, Trowa, Colorado16, ThaGrinchy31, StrsNStripes, Vampy, Atari17, Habitant, TLebbet, NorthstarFlem BotsNight Elf
RegiTehTDunnoYetTiJampion, MediK, sickboyyy, Heresy, SOULKEEPA, Konken, fourthAge, SuperMage, BrickBaw, Holle44, LIGHT, NorthstarWild FishOrc
BurrowRushNo Elf No WinSaV70, Pokebunny, BELIT, Trowa, Debaser, ThaGrinchy31, Barlenn, BuzzKill, BloodNinJA, Habitant, ImaPanda, NorthstarClutch or KickNight Elf
Imm0lationKakósúpaSaV70, BELIT, GaeBolg, nwilliams28, Serai, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, Vampy, Neo, Luli, SoftIceCream, NorthstarFlem BotsNight Elf
TommyFlutschfingerPandabaernd, Pokebunny, sickboyyy, SOULKEEPA, FlutshfinGER, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, BuzzKill, BloodNinJA, ImaPanda, SoftIceCream, NorthstarBoshi’s MonkeesNight Elf
BuzzKillBuzzKill’s KillJoysSaV70, BELIT, GlaiVe, DRAGONBORNBR, Serai, ThaGrinchy31, fourthAge, Ninjury, Neo, PlunderLLC, Holle44, NorthstarClutch or KickNight Elf
SOULKEEPASOULKEEPERSPandabaernd, MediK, Tarmok, pischner, SOULKEEPA, ThaGrinchy31, Konken, Vampy, BrickBaw, Skyfans, Luli, ruamtawlojFlem BotsOrc
Atari17Swedish MeatballsaZ3R0th, YungHofer, EchoGoodman, Debaser, Heresy, ThaGrinchy31, Stopclick, Atari17, BloodNinJA, Skyfans, RUSH, WispBoshi’s MonkeesOrc
SizzliFamousBloobllldninja16SaV70, LuTe, Sturmy, Debaser, OldGreg, Stopclick, sashaza, BrickBaw, BloodNinJA, PlunderLLC, Habitant, EasymodeFTWBoshi’s MonkeesOrc
BarrenThis team is so fetchJampion, YungHofer, Pokebunny, Heresy, Link, ThaGrinchy31, Barlenn, marsjoe, jani77, Luli, Holle44, toriidactylPerfectly BalancedUndead
FirealFireal’s Fabulous Fantasy TeamSaV70, BELIT, sickboyyy, nwilliams28, SauCe, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, Vampy, BrickBaw, AlbZ, SoftIceCream, ruamtawlojFlem BotsNight Elf
SoftIceCreamLow BallersSaV70, BFRjonathan, EchoGoodman, Debaser, Serai, Stopclick, StrsNStripes, jani77, MissioN, Habitant, SoftIceCream, NorthstarClutch or KickUndead
JampionGalaxy BrainsTomPoncho, Pokebunny, EchoGoodman, VERBRECHER, Link, ThaGrinchy31, Konken, marsjoe, Neo, Skyfans, Holle44, WispBoshi’s MonkeesUndead
YungHoferBhirroum, Bhirrumm, BIMMLE BUMMLE!TomPoncho, YungHofer, Pokebunny, Trowa, pischner, ThaGrinchy31, ValueSnack, cakepiebisct, Vampy, Habitant, TLebbet, NorthstarClutch or KickNight Elf
pischnerpischerman’s friendsSaV70, YungHofer, Pokebunny, Trowa, pischner, ThaGrinchy31, StrsNStripes, marsjoe, Atari17, Holle44, TLebbet, NorthstarBoshi’s MonkeesNight Elf
HabitantHabitant#7195SaV70, PieCommando, GaeBolg, Colorado16, Skywalker, ThaGrinchy31, NingZiyun, BuzzKill, BloodNinJA, Habitant, Airosh, GreedsSuperstars In TrainingNight Elf