GNL Fantasy League

GNL Fantasy League was started for everyone to get involved with GNL! Tune into the Discord or GNL Twitch casts to watch your players get you points.

GNL Fantasy League Standings

RankTeamWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Total
1Wontu and the Wontettes23281465
2Backdoor Protector27231363
4Kings of Kings18221959
5FourthAge Fantasy21241358
6Kobayashi Maru26131857
9peasants under siege stop yelling27131757
10Just play elf 5head27141556
12The Goon Squad20191554
14Bunch of degenerates24161454
15Colorado 1616241353
16I rigged this league too24171253
20Wolves of Warcraft10211950
22Unsaid’s Drink Team18161549
23Wake & Bake22161149
24Planet of the Apes2715749
25Get Your Shingles On21131549
26NIP – Noobs in progress22141248
27The SaVaGe Squad24111348
32Panda Power14201347
33SICK BOYS25121047
34BarrenTV tells good jokes19171046
35Revolution Gamers14141846
37The Irregulars1918946
38Pimp it or Chimp it14211045
39Lemon Hunters1522845
41Anti Rigged League12201244
42More Likely to go to prison.20131144
43Kaisette fanclub18111443
44Prime Time15131543
45Skull Crusher – Skill Crasher2016642
46Good Knight7221342
47Teh Mad Tods2291142
48More Like Bropeth1562041
50Sons of Hyrule1816539
51Shingle Pringle Intermingle19101039
52the cool kids9111939
54Dreamcatchers 2161138
55The Jatz Crackers1281838
57The Tavern208937
58Half CoK Half SIT199735

Fantasy League Rules

Scoring & points

Scoring is done over the entirety of the league – not on a weekly basis. Rankings are determined by season points. The fantasy team that has accumulated the most points over the season wins.

  • 1 point for every win your player gets
  • 1 point for every series win your player gets
  • Team wins by 5 or more points -> 5 points
  • Team wins by 1-4 points -> 3 points
  • Team ties or loses -> 0 points

Tiebreaker: The fantasy team with the GNL team with the higher points throughout the season wins in the case of a tiebreaker.

What happens if my player drops or my player sits?

Unfortunately, it happens! Just like in fantasy football, you never know when your player may get bitten by the injury bug. But here, there are no trades or free agent pick ups. This is something we may change in future seasons, but for simplicity purposes we will do this first season with no pick ups or changes to lineups.

Team overview

CaptainTeamDraft playersDraft team
UnsaidUnsaid’s Drink TeamEmber, Hastur, Dondolare, DragonbornBR, Yurko, Glaive, sashaza, Bektecusggg, Ays, ImaPanda, SoftIceCream, ErodosClutch or Kick
WontuWontu and the WontettesFROZENYETI, YungHofer, Link, Colorado16, Pischner, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, jani77, NingZiyun, Buzzkill, Softicecream, ToriidactylBoshi’s Monkees
FLUTSHFINGERKRAUTFINGERSLucker, Hastur, YungHofer, SaV70, Skywalker, Glaive, Flutshfinger, Bektecusggg, BurrowRush, Luli, Blade, ToriidactylLuckman Army
OxyGeNsixOxy’sLucker, Hastur, SaulGoodman, Colorado16, Nether, Just4Fun, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, FourthAge, Softicecream, Prism, WavesBoshi’s Monkees
ImaPandaPanda PowerShingle, Wontu, YungHofer, DragonbornBR, Skywalker, Philcaõ, sashaza, BurrowRush, jani77, Softicecream, Prism, ToriidactylPerfectly Balanced
sashazaWake & BakeFROZENYETI, Wontu, Impdaddy, SaV70, DragonbornBR, Glaive, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, NingZiyun, BuzzKill, AlterEgo, ToriidactylClutch or Kick
nuelltzNIP – Noobs in progressLucker, Hastur, Link, Onyx, Heresy, ThaGrinchy31, Flutshfinger, FourthAge, Guru, ImaPanda, Luli, ToriidactylSuperstars In Training
RooKThe SaVaGe Squadmofad, Hastur, ataria, SaV70, Heresy, nwilliams28, Philcaõ, MrStormyZ, FourthAge, ImaPanda, Softicecream, VikingrLuckman Army
breezeeytamarind9FROZENYETI, Hastur, Wontu, empire4earth, Pischner, ThaGrinchy31, Forkxx, BurrowRush, breezeey, Softicecream, Prism, TormentaDown Undah
RemoteJust play elf 5headEmber, Hastur, Wontu, SaV70, DragonbornBR, Pokebunny, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, jani77, ImaPanda, BuzzKill, ToriidactylClutch or Kick
PhonixCheeseIncEmber, ataria, Wontu, SaV70, Heresy, Pokebunny, HEDONIS, MethodMan, Guru, ImaPanda, Prism, VikingrSuperstars In Training
NegaNebulasAnti Rigged LeagueEmber, Wearseh, Impdaddy, SaV70, Gaebolg, Pokebunny, sashaza, MethodMan, NingZiyun, BuzzKill, Prism, VikingrSuperstars In Training
GrommersBarrenTV tells good jokesEmber, Wearseh, Hastur, Colorado16, ItsMelinaaaa, Glaive, Just4Fun, Bektecusggg, behh, ImaPanda, BuzzKill, SUGAR13Clutch or Kick
SonntagsmaerchenHalf CoK Half SITFROZENYETI, Wontu, Philosopher, SaV70, Heresy, Glaive, Pokebunny, behh, ValueSnack, BuzzKill, Prism, WavesSuperstars In Training
TebejakSp4rtansEmber, Hastur, BFRjonathan, Onyx, Skywalker, Glaive, Flutshfinger, behh, MrStormyZ, ImaPanda, Luli, SUGAR13Perfectly Balanced
Floss2xdailySkull Crusher – Skill CrasherLucker, Wontu, YungHofer, SaV70, panorama, Flutshfinger, HEDONIS, Guru, NingZiyun, BuzzKill, Luli, ToriidactylLuckman Army
HasturKings of KingsEmber, Wontu, YungHofer, ItsMelinaaaa, Pischner, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, MrStormyZ, breezeey, ImaPanda, Softicecream, SUGAR13Clutch or Kick
hellomottoPiggy13Ember, Hastur, Wontu, Colorado16, SaV70, Pokebunny, ThaGrinchy31, Bektecusggg, BurrowRush, ImaPanda, BuzzKill, ErodosPerfectly Balanced
Habitant#boshis-monkeesLucker, Wearseh, Wontu, DragonbornBR, Pischner, ThaGrinchy31, theOCdrummer, HABITANT, NingZiyun, Softicecream, AlterEgo, ErodosBoshi’s Monkees
LinkSons of HyruleEmber, Wontu, Impdaddy, Skywalker, Heresy, Pokebunny, Flutshfinger, Fila, NingZiyun, Luli, Blade, ToriidactylSuperstars In Training
FreemanKobayashi MaruLucker, Penguin, Link, SaV70, Heresy, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, FourthAge, Light, ImaPanda, Prism, TLebbetLuckman Army
gotquailShingle Pringle IntermingleShingle, Dondolare, Philosopher, Nether, Heresy, Pokebunny, Philcaõ, ValueSnack, jani77, Never, Prism, VikingrLuckman Army
ImpdaddyPimp it or Chimp itEmber, Hastur, Impdaddy, Colorado16, Onyx, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, behh, FourthAge, Softicecream, AlbZ, ToriidactylSuperstars In Training
PhyreJRevolution Gamersmofad, Hastur, Wontu, SaV70, empire4earth, ThaGrinchy31, PhyreJ, BurrowRush, NingZiyun, ImaPanda, Softicecream, VikingrDown Undah
BektecusDreamcatchers Lucker, Hastur, BFRjonathan, ItsMelinaaaa, DragonbornBR, Glaive, Pokebunny, Bektecusggg, behh, ImaPanda, Softicecream, ToriidactylClutch or Kick
wavesGood KnightEmber, ataria, Dondolare, Colorado16, Gaebolg, Flutshfinger, theOCdrummer, MrStormyZ, jani77, VampY, Prism, WavesSuperstars In Training
AlterEgoThe Goon SquadEmber, Wontu, YungHofer, empire4earth, Gaebolg, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, behh, FourthAge, BuzzKill, Softicecream, ToriidactylClutch or Kick
GaeBolgWnDGaeBolgEmber, Hastur, Dondolare, empire4earth, Gaebolg, Glaive, Just4Fun, BurrowRush, NingZiyun, ImaPanda, BuzzKill, SUGAR13Superstars In Training
KaiserPlanet of the ApesFROZENYETI, Hastur, Wontu, Colorado16, SaV70, ThaGrinchy31, BrickBaw, FourthAge, Fila, BuzzKill, AlbZ, ToriidactylBoshi’s Monkees
DragonbornBRSkyrimBelongsToTheNords!BELIT, Wearseh, Philosopher, SaV70, DragonbornBR, Pokebunny, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, NingZiyun, ImaPanda, BuzzKill, SUGAR13Clutch or Kick
JarAsHJarAsHEmber, Hastur, Wontu, ItsMelinaaaa, SaV70, Glaive, Pokebunny, Bektecusggg, BurrowRush, ImaPanda, BuzzKill, ErodosPerfectly Balanced
NetherMore Like Bropethmofad, Wearseh, Penguin, Nether, DragonbornBR, Pokebunny, PhyreJ, BurrowRush, Ninjury11993, Prism, SpiritWalker, VikingrDown Undah
EmberMatehappydgeEmber, Hastur, Wontu, Colorado16, panorama, Just4Fun, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, ValueSnack, VampY, Softicecream, ToriidactylSuperstars In Training
Philipthe cool kidsLucker, SaulGoodman, Link, DragonbornBR, sickboyyy, ThaGrinchy31, Flutshfinger, breezeey, Ninjury11993, ImaPanda, Softicecream, WavesPerfectly Balanced
theOCdrummerWolves of WarcraftEmber, ataria, Wontu, Gaebolg, Nether, ThaGrinchy31, theOCdrummer, BurrowRush, Fila, seanreit, Prism, ToriidactylSuperstars In Training
FourthAgeFourthAge FantasyLucker, Hastur, Wontu, Colorado16, Pischner, ThaGrinchy31, sashaza, BurrowRush, jani77, ImaPanda, Softicecream, ToriidactylBoshi’s Monkees
ReelReel_WinnersShingle, ataria, YungHofer, Colorado16, SaV70, ThaGrinchy31, theOCdrummer, MrStormyZ, jani77, ImaPanda, seanreit, WavesLuckman Army
OldGregLemon HuntersEmber, Wontu, OldGreg, Colorado16, Gaebolg, ThaGrinchy31, nwilliams28, behh, NingZiyun, Softicecream, MalleUdo, ErodosBoshi’s Monkees
ForkxxdaledaleEmber, Wontu, BFRjonathan, Colorado16, DragonbornBR, ThaGrinchy31, Forkxx, BurrowRush, Guru, ImaPanda, SpiritWalker, ToriidactylLuckman Army
JatzThe Jatz Crackersmofad, Hastur, Penguin, Nether, sickboyyy, PhyreJ, Humperdink, breezeey, Ninjury11993, Softicecream, SpiritWalker, SUGAR13Down Undah
SenatorChessGet Your Shingles OnShingle, Impdaddy, SaulGoodman, Onyx, sickboyyy, Glaive, Forkxx, BurrowRush, HABITANT, ImaPanda, Blade, SUGAR13Luckman Army
kinabrCheesersEmber, Hastur, Wontu, ItsMelinaaaa, Gaebolg, Pokebunny, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, MethodMan, ImaPanda, BuzzKill, ToriidactylSuperstars In Training
SyDeKaisette fanclubLucker, Dondolare, Wontu, empire4earth, SOULKEEPA, ThaGrinchy31, StrsNStripes, BurrowRush, jani77, seanreit, AlbZ, ToriidactylLuckman Army
monkmicroplzersLucker, Hastur, Wontu, SaV70, DragonbornBR, Pokebunny, HEDONIS, BurrowRush, MethodMan, BuzzKill, Softicecream, ToriidactylLuckman Army
BFRjonathanBOTAFOGO DE FUTEBOL E REGATASLucker, Wontu, BFRjonathan, Colorado16, ItsMelinaaaa, ThaGrinchy31, Forkxx, Bektecusggg, FourthAge, BuzzKill, AlbZ, ToriidactylClutch or Kick
Colorado16Colorado 16Ember, Wontu, OldGreg, Colorado16, Gaebolg, ThaGrinchy31, nwilliams28, BurrowRush, NingZiyun, BuzzKill, seanreit, ToriidactylSuperstars In Training
ShingleHumbaShingle, ataria, YungHofer, ItsMelinaaaa, SaV70, Philcaõ, Flutshfinger, MrStormyZ, breezeey, ImaPanda, VampY, NinespoonsLuckman Army
narbuBunch of degeneratesEmber, Wontu, Impdaddy, SaV70, DragonbornBR, Pokebunny, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, MethodMan, ImaPanda, VampY, ToriidactylBoshi’s Monkees
LuckerMore Likely to go to prison.Lucker, ataria, Wontu, SaV70, Heresy, nwilliams28, Forkxx, Guru, NingZiyun, SIMON, Luli, NinespoonsLuckman Army
SoftIceCreamMoney-Power-GloryEmber, Wearseh, Wontu, Colorado16, Gaebolg, Just4Fun, Philcaõ, Fila, NingZiyun, seanreit, Softicecream, VikingrClutch or Kick
BektecuspaperhandsmvpLucker, Hastur, BFRjonathan, ItsMelinaaaa, SaV70, ThaGrinchy31, nwilliams28, Bektecusggg, behh, BuzzKill, Softicecream, ToriidactylClutch or Kick
PaxtusThe IrregularsLucker, Wontu, OldGreg, Gaebolg, Nether, nwilliams28, theOCdrummer, Bektecusggg, BurrowRush, ImaPanda, AlbZ, NinespoonsBoshi’s Monkees
VenhailThe TavernFROZENYETI, Hastur, Wontu, SaV70, DragonbornBR, Glaive, theOCdrummer, Bektecusggg, BurrowRush, ImaPanda, Softicecream, DeadDumbleClutch or Kick
BarrenI rigged this league tooShingle, Hastur, Philosopher, Colorado16, SaV70, Pokebunny, ThaGrinchy31, AXETHROWER10, jani77, ImaPanda, Luli, ToriidactylPerfectly Balanced
TripleOGPrime TimeLucker, Wearseh, BFRjonathan, Colorado16, DragonbornBR, Glaive, StrsNStripes, BurrowRush, Fila, BuzzKill, seanreit, ToriidactylSuperstars In Training
sickboyyySICK BOYSLucker, Hastur, Wontu, ItsMelinaaaa, Nether, ThaGrinchy31, Philcaõ, FourthAge, jani77, ImaPanda, AlbZ, ToriidactylClutch or Kick
atariaTeh Mad TodsShingle, Hastur, ataria, Colorado16, SaV70, Glaive, Just4Fun, Bektecusggg, behh, ImaPanda, VampY, ErodosLuckman Army
pischnerBackdoor ProtectorEmber, Wontu, YungHofer, SaV70, Pischner, Pokebunny, ThaGrinchy31, BurrowRush, FourthAge, SIMON, Blade, TLebbetBoshi’s Monkees
MissioNpeasants under siege stop yellingEmber, Hastur, Penguin, SaV70, Nether, Pokebunny, ThaGrinchy31, MrStormyZ, FourthAge, BuzzKill, Prism, ToriidactylSuperstars In Training