Giggling Goblins got the Last Laugh. GG wins GNL S14!


GNL S14 has now finished! We can now say officially that Giggling Goblins has won s14. The season was super close the whole way through. Going into the last half of the final week there was even a crazy scenario where 3 of the 4 teams could end up being tied for first. But in the end, Giggling Goblins just kept on winning and secured first place. The Banana Banditos gave them a run for their money till almost the very last series of the season.

This seasons group of players was extremely unique. We had a ton of Brood War guys returning to wc3 or trying wc3 for the first time. We had an Age of Empires player/caster. And we had more sub 1200 w3c mmr players than any of us can ever remember having before. But that crazy mix of players made for a very fun time. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Congratulations to the whole Giggling Goblins team including Link Cas, pandaSaudis, Eisen, Fluxbastia, EAShibby, Ewar, Dec1der, Dekker, GonzoTramer, Exiled, AbeFroman, Easy, Kaccel, MrMikeMTL, Expooo, Mataratzi, Bread, Tarmok, veS, Broda, Fewa418, Madoka, zpanz, OldGreg, and NorthDrakkar.

Here are the point totals:

If you would like to see all the players and teams you can check them out here.

Team Giggling Goblin’s Emote.

Plans going forward

There will be a GNL S15, but we will be taking a break. As always, Fountain of Manner League which is run by the cool cats over in clan FoM will happen while we all take a rest from GNL. Look out for posts about when FOML sign ups open up and also look out for new posts about the new GNL season here and also on our discord.

In the meantime there are a ton of other events that will be happening. Gym will continue hosting events such as King of the Hill and potentially other cool tournaments and projects.

Of course all the captains and coaches (and players) will still be hanging around in gym and ready to practice and train and just hang out and game so come join us there!

We are always looking for new projects/events to do in Warcraft 3, on our Discord, or on our site. If you have any suggestions or ideas message one of the admins on Discord. If you would like to help out as well with any of the things being done in Gym, just message Barren or one of the other admins.

If you do not know what GNL is or are interested in taking part in the future this post explains it all.

Come hang out with us on Discord. The games never stop there. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Shout outs!

There are alot of people behind the scenes to make GNL work and many people do not even realize they are there. So here is a quick run down of all the people who make GNL alone operate.

I do this every season but honestly without them this wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you to the floating coaches: Arkinator, Thae, Lucker, Spycreed, Tiesiog, Quberte, Armin, Razermoon, Alexchen, fattsrussell, Reset, Ceron, Narbu, Sythren, Dondolare, Lemes, Inspired, Hipposaur, Ember, Kaiser, Guvnor, Eugene, Echogoodman, OldMateDad, and Neganebulas. I totally am missing a few and for that I am sorry but there are alot of ppl willing to put in time and help out and I can’t even keep track of all of them half the time.

Thank you to the captains/coaches: Wontu, gotquail, Link, Cas, Saulgoodman, Slayday, Colorado16, and Barren.

For the site: Shout out to Sasha, he basically did it all. Thank you to Wontu, Link, and Cepheid for helping maintain it.

Shout out to everyone who made our logos these seasons

For Fantasy League: Thank you to GotQuail, Wontu, Debaser, and Sasha.

For our Player Leaderboard: GotQuail.

For our awesome bots: Debaser.

And finally thank you to just everyone who participated, casted, watched, or helped any of the GNL players or captains this season. You guys make the scene what it is.