Gym Newbie League vs. Wandering Dragons


In the first of two upcoming scheduled show matches, the Gym Newbie League will be taking on the Wandering Dragons community on Saturday. The Wandering Dragons community is a group of Chinese speaking Warcraft 3 players living across the globe.

It will be streamed on with Barren and theOCdrummer casting!

The show matches will consist of the following 5 BO3s on Saturday, September 11.

DragonbornBR (GNL) vs. NingZiyun (WnD)
Unsaid (GNL) vs. fattymasker (WnD)
ThaGrinchyUNO (GNL) vs. GaeBolg (WnD)
Floss2xdaily (GNL) vs. Kyubey (WnD)
Wontu (GNL) vs. Just4fun (WnD)

1:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM CET
2:00 PM EDT/8:00 PM CET
3:00 PM EDT/9:00 PM CET
4:00 PM EDT/10:00 PM CET
5:00 PM EDT/11:00 PM CET

On September 26 GNL will be taking on the creepcamp community in a similar show match. More info to come later on the match ups and streams for that day.

If there are any other communities out there who would like to have a similar event hit us up!