Gym’s KOTH Masters Edition


Gym will be holding their first King of the Hill Masters Edition this Saturday at 2 pm EST/8 pm CEST at!

What is this?

Gym hosts a King of the Hill style event each Saturday for players of varying levels of skill which can be found here. For the first time ever, Gym will be hosting the Masters Edition this coming Saturday. And money is on the line~

The current contestants include the following Gym Discord members:

  • Hipposaur
  • Bizzare (current king)
  • KevinWC3
  • Narbu/Smurf
  • Pokey26
  • Syde
  • TiesioG
  • Quberte
  • Hankk
  • ArminvB
  • Sayso
  • Ceron
  • AccCreate

The Prizes

  • The winner of each game gets $10 per win. Loser gets no money.
  • If you win 3 games in a row you get an extra $15 bonus. Therefore, if you win 3 games in a row you get $45 total. If you win 6 games in a row you get $90 total. If you win 9 games in a row you get $135 total, etc.
  • Which ever game is named “Game of the Night” will result in the 2 players getting an additional $10.
    • Game of the Night is decided by Barren who has complete authority in making said determination. But basically he is looking for an awesome game.
  • Twisted Meadows Bounty- If the challenger and King both decide before the banning map phase to just play Twisted Meadow for their game then the prize for the winner is $15 instead of $10.
    • This bounty can only occur 3 times through the whole event. Players should ask an admin before doing this bounty to be sure it is still available and not already completed 3 times.
  • The players in the final game of the event get an additional $10 each.
    • Thus the loser of the game gets $10 and winner gets $20 (10 for being in the last game and 10 for winning).
  • The player with the longest win streak gets the “King” role which is displayed at the top of the Gym discord. Bizzare currently holds that role/title.

The Rules

  • The games will be best of 1s. Winner stays on.
  • The player who wins the most game is named the King.
    • Last player standing is not King unless he won the most games.
  • The Map pool will include all current w3c solo maps- AZ, AL, CH, EI, LR, NIS, SE, SG, TS, TH, TR, ST, and RC.
    • The only exception to this rule is if both players agree to play on TM to fill one of the 3 TM bounty rewards described in the “Prize” section.
  • The Current King will ban 6 maps from the w3c solo map pool. The challenger can pick 1 map from the remaining 7 maps.
  • Host the game on the W3C server with the most fair ping for both parties.
  • We hope to play atleast 10 games (if 10 players show up). We will play up to 15 games in total if 15 players show up. No more after that (unless people wish to continue for no more prizes thereafter).

Will there be more events like this in the future?

We hope that there will be more of these type of events in the future for small cash prizes. It is really up to the community and if they want to see more of them.

Special shout out to all the people who subbed to Barren’s stream. That is where the prize pool is coming from. All sub money to date is going to these events and also upkeep of the Gym site.

If you would like to take part in future King of the Hill Master Edition events then join the Gym Discord as that is where the player pool is from. Events will be held when funds are available and it is practical.

If you are not as good as these individuals and would like to take part in these type of events in the future you can always join the normal King of the Hill events held almost every Saturday.