MK 2 Barracks Footmen Tower Rush


The MK 2 Barracks Tower push relies on heavy micro abilities and out microing your opponent whilst
staying calm. This strategy is an all-in and will require you to win in the initial push otherwise your
opponent will out-scale and out tech your army.

There are also variants on maps like EI where instead of 2 barracks you get one barracks but mass mercenaries due to the easy accessibility of the mercenary camp (check video below).

Difficulty of build: This can work on all levels, it all comes down to execution as Gym members have
achieved 1700 MMR with this strategy and have seen pros like Fortitude play this strategy against
Colorful and win. Your beginning of the match will also be the same as a standard HU build which we
recommend you perfect before playing this strategy.


  • You will have more units than your opponent so should be easier for you to micro and harder for him.
  • Strong cheese if left unscouted and hard to defend once towers go up.
  • Easy surrounds with storm bolt locking down units.


  • Very weak after the initial push as you will have committed too much to the push with towers and T1.
  • Requires intensive micro for minimal footie/peasant loss.
  • Need to freestyle a bit of the push as it is dependent on your losses during the push.

Race Match Ups:

  • vs HU: Does not work well against AM and mass water elementals.
  • vs UD: Does not work well, you rather play solo paladin against this race.
  • vs NE: Very strong.
  • vs Orc: Very strong.

Mid to Late Game Transitions

None. I mean if you don’t win with the initial push it’ll be very difficult as you will be behind in tech and
levels as you’ll be on T1.

Depending on how much damage you do to your opponent you may be able to expo and draw the game out to when you can catch up.

Here is a video of the 1 barracks EI strategy with mass mercenaries.