Quick 1 Ziggurat Tech Into Gargoyles


This build is a pocket strategy to be used ONLY vs night elf. It is not effective vs any other race. The point of this build is to disrupt the night elves wood economy as soon as possible. First with the Death Knight (DK) and then with quick gargoyles. This build also allows for a later transition into the late game UD air armies or a timing attack. This build has many holes and can be countered by a night elf prepared with an Ancient Protector or if the night elf successfully gets an expansion up due to your lack of map presence early.

Difficulty of Build: Intermediate as it involves decision making and thus experience.


  • Early access to Gargoyles which allow quick harassment of the wisps on wood and also sometimes canceling tier 2 tech buildings while they build.
  • While harassing your ghouls can creep a green camp alone if you micro properly. However, you cannot creep multiple creeps or else you will not have enough wood.


  • No map control early on. You have your one Death Knight on the map. Early expansions by the night elf are hard/impossible to stop as a result while you are teching to tier 2. You cannot pull the ghouls or else you will not have sufficient wood at tier 2.

Race Match Ups:

  • This strategy ONLY works vs Night Elfs. It is not a strategy to go vs any other race.

Mid to Late Game transition

This build has many weaknesses. As explained above a quick expansion from a night elf will be generally impossible to stop. If a night elf expands you can get a lich and hit at tier 2 with gargs and ghouls before the expansion allows the night elf to get too far ahead. Another consideration depending on the timing of the expansion is to quickly go tier 3, get frenzy ghoul, and hit a timing attack with just your DK, frenzy ghouls, and gargoyles near 50 food.

If the NE stays on one base you can stay on just DK allowing you a quicker tier 3 tech or more gargs.

Typically an NE will get a panda against you as tier 2. You must prevent the panda from gaining to high of a level or else the panda and a venom orb will counter most gargoyles.

If the NE gets bears, consider frost wyrms (2 is usually good) to counter the bears.

Eventually teching into statues and then a destroyer or 2 allows for healing in between fights and dispel if kotg is the first hero.

Expanding is very hard if NE is on top of things. If you try to expand at tier 2 you need a lich and more units. Tier 3 and later in the game it is easier to expand.