Shallow Graves Creep Routes


Shallow graves was one of the more recently added maps to the w3c map pool. The expansion on this map is not a very easy creep to take and can be risky. It is not used in many tournaments and as such there is still a lot of variability in the creep routes. There has also been a recent update to this map. As such players are still testing potential creep routes.

Below are various creep routes for each race (UD still under construction).

Before you try these creep routes you should check this article on how to abuse creep mechanics (including lightning shield creeps and pulling creeps):

For the night elfs who do not know how to AoW creep, you need to check out this article first:

Human Creep Routes

Safe creeping no expansion

This creep pattern is generally used to get level 3 while creeping safely vs races such as orc where expansions are harder to achieve. You need militia for the first creep.

Good items early expansion

This creep patterns allows you to get good items as well as a quick expansion. You will get level 3 from this camp. You need militia for spots 1 and 3.

Night Elf Creep Routes

Super safe creep pattern or harassing an early expansion

The blue creep pattern allows you to creep quickly and safely. Thereafter you can expand if you wish but it will not be very quick. Creep #1 with your AoW and LS creep it.

The red creep pattern should be used if the opponent is early expanding. AoW and LS creep the 1st creep. Kill the item creep, grab the item and then go harass the expo while finishing the creep with ur aow and archer.

Kotg early expo strategy

AoW creep the expansion to allow yourself to early expo. Take nearby greens and/or orange near your main between the expo and main base so you can be local to protect your expo.

Tavern Build creep routes

You can AoW Creep either the merc camp or the shop. Both are harder creeps to take and is generally used if you open with a tavern hero as you will have more archers once you start the creep. You then take greens as to continue creeping.

Orc Creep Routes

Notes on creeping on SG: The map offers a very easy Lightning shield creep like Amazonia does. The speed of taking that camp with the lightning shield is simply unbeatable, so most creeproutes should take advantage of it.

The goblin shops drop aura items, which makes them especially interesting (like the mercs on az). Think about taking them early or sniping the items.

Super greedy BM lvl3

Take your orange Wizard spot next to your base, shop items at your lounge and move to your small wizard spot. After that move to the nearest Goblin Shop and buy a circlet.  Position your grunt next to one of the Troll beserkers and your BM with Windwalk behind the other one. This way one of the ogres won’t be able to hit at all, kill the beserkers first, then the magi. During the creep your second grunt will Pop out and you can tank with him while starting to heal your BM and first grunt. 

BM lvl3 (vs UD/Orc)

Orange Wizard Camp, into small wizard camp. Run over and check your opponents green turtle spot. If he’s there creepjack and keep at him with your blade, otherwise just creep it yourself. You can finish lvl3 by taking one of the small kobold Camps, your grunts can even do it by themselves if you wanna send your blade harassing.

FS/SH passive lvl 3

Lightning shield creep the orange wizard camp, take the small wizard camp, the turtle camp and finish with the little kobold spot. While the spots are not worth that much by themselves you won’t loose any hitpoints on your units and you won’t have to go back to get heal after.

FS HH lvl 3 with mercs

Small wizard Camp into, small Turtle Camp into Merc Camp. While you’re creeping the Merc camp the beserker will become available, purchase it (and the shadow priest too if you’re up vs a keeper of the Grove too).

FS vs UD

Start with the lightning shield creep, then move on to your turtle spot. Once you got the item and the spot is nearly done you can send your Farseer over to the opponents turtle spot to creepjack them there. Meanwhile your units and wolves finish the spot and move over to the kobold camp to creep it by themselves. When the units are done with the camp send them towards your farseer. Depending on how much you got from your opponents turtle spot and units while creepjacking you are either Lvl 3 or very close to it now. If the opponent is not at their turtle spot just creep it yourself.

FS vs NE/UD with Scout XP

If you are able to get the experience from the scout wisps/acolyte that your opponent might send over, then you’re able to do this route for a quick lvl 3 and a nice position/timing to do a lot of economic damage with your lvl 2 wolves. If you don’t get the XP from their scout worker then you will be 25 XP off of lvl2. Also remember to kill the shadow priest first at their natural expansion camp.

BM vs NE

Peon scout and look what their first camp will be and which hero they took. If they are going for the orange wizard camp next to their base, then you go for your own orange wizard camp.

After that run to the goblin shop, get a circlet and move towards their turtle camp to creepjack them. If they are done already, follow them and try to prevent lvl3. If they are not to be found, just creep the turtle camp, or atleast get the item.

vs Human

Instant harass, like on most other maps. If you scout or predict they’ll go for something very greedy like natural expansion or merc camp first, harass them there. If they don’t, they will most like start with their orange wizard camp next to the base. Then you will have time to steal their small wizard spot away and stop them from doing a second spot after (similar to LR where you’re able to steal the troll priest before starting your harass). Alternatively you can also do your wizard spot before you run over to catch them at their turtle spot (likely second spot after they did the orange wizard camp).

Undead Creep Routes

Under construction. Check back soon for Undead creep routes!