Terenas Stand Creep Routes


Terenas Stand is an older map which gives early access to a safe and relatively easy expansion. There is also access to a quick merc camp which allows players to also be aggressive in attempting to stop/slow enemies expansions from going up.

Below are various creep routes for each race (UD still under construction).

Before you try these creep routes you should check this article on how to abuse creep mechanics (including lightning shield creeps and pulling creeps):

For the night elfs who do not know how to AoW creep, you need to check out this article first: https://warcraft-gym.com/ancient-of-war-creeping/

Human Creep Routes

Early expansion creep pattern

This is basically the only creep pattern people go on this map and allows for a quick expansion. You need militia for the first and third spot along with your army.

Night Elf Creep Routes

Creep pattern for expansion into harassing.

This is a basic safe creep pattern for expansion. AoW creep and LS creep the first camp.

If the opponent is expoing then you can go and push the opponents expansion after clearing your own with your hero, mercs bought, and archers made

Warden Creeping

This creep pattern requires multiple AoWs and is specifically to level your warden quickly.

First take the first spot using your AoW and LS creep it. Then go to #2 spot and #3 spot. You should have already made a 2nd AoW near your 4th spot and you will use that AoW to creep that spot. You should have pumped several arches from your first AoW camp and while taking the #4 spot take your AoW from your #1 spot and move it to the #5 spot so that when you get to the #5 spot you can use that AoW to fast creep the camp.

A Keeper vs Orc creep route

Vs Orc you can AoW creep the first spot, then take the 2nd and 3rd spot relatively safely as to not get creep jacked by the orc while taking a hard camp.

Vs orc contesting middle

AoW creep and LS creep the first spot and then attempt to contest the 2 middle green camps or take them for yourself.

Mirror creep patterns or vs UD one base creep patterns.

Take your merc camp with AoW and LS creep. then go for the middle creeps. If you get only one, then do the red creep route for level 3 and possible expansion. If you get both, do the blue creep route for level 3 and possible expansion.

Undead Creep Routes

Under construction. Check back soon for Undead creep routes!

Orc Creep Routes

FS vs Human

Instant harass with your farseer, you can let your wolves creep the small wizard camp by themselves while running your FS over, for a small XP start. Try to get something from their Merc camp or atleast kill some peasants to delay the fast expo.

FS/SH first lvl 3 (vs orc and maybe vs ne with a tower push too)

Best with 2 burrow tech to get the Troll priest earlier. Start by lightning shield creeping your Merc camp ( setup with a currently building lounge, the sh and a grunt). After buy salves and while healing up, take the small wizard camp. Then either:

  1. Move to your natural expansion and creep it (if you got hex, hex the troll priest and kill the beserkers first)
  2. Move to one of the orange Wizard spots in the northeast or southwest on the Map and lightning shield creep it. 

Both will get you to lvl3. Usually you can move to the middle now to get a PL as second hero.

Blademaster (one of many options.. vs UD/NE)

Build a fast shop, get some items and move to the middle. Itemcreep both of the mid camps then try to look for the opponent harass them. (Your scout peon should have checked the expo and small kobolds by now).

As a side note, the laboratory spots are very valuable, try to do them early on T2 (pull the kobolds out, kill the mage first) or try harassing the opponents spot after they move their AoW there. 

Blademaster vs NE

What you also can do with a fast shop is, if you’re sure the opponent NE is gonna AoW creep the Merc camp you can use a speed scroll roughly as your BM crosses the bridge to the middle and arrive in time to streal something from their Merc spot. But if they AoW creep their shop instead you just wasted a lot of time and a speed scroll.