Warcraft 3 1v1 Critter Spawns


As an undead player, knowing exactly where critters can and do spawn on a map is critical to early game creeping and later game if you need skeletons for harassment etc. BidoFan1 has put together a collection of images outlining all the critter spawn locations in 1v1. Below are have listed all the current 1v1 maps in the w3c pool list separately that bidofan has provided images of. Check the imgur post embedded at the bottom to see additional maps. Remember that critters wander and while the images show their general location they may not be exactly where indicated but close by.

Also remember that critters may wander into creep camps and you may not be able to attack them without waking the creeps.

*Bidofan1 has indicated that flying critters are also marked so not all critters are ones capable of being turned into skeletons.*


Autumn Leaves

Concealed Hills

Echo Isles

Last Refuge

Northern Isles

Shallow Graves

Shattered Exile

Terenas Stand

Tide Hunters

Turtle Rock