Wisp Positioning


Night Elfs have a unique ability to be able to place their wisps anywhere on the map when harvesting lumber as wisps do not have to return the lumber to the main tree. As a result Night Elf players take advantage of this ability and will place some of their wisps on trees in strategically beneficial positions.

There is an amazing discord server that is run by Kevin (check his stream out here https://www.twitch.tv/kevinwc3) which focuses entirely on the Night Elf race and their game play. You can find that discord here https://discord.gg/5ZckHkxa8X. Kevin and some of the guys from that server provided a literal encyclopedia to warcraft3.info on wisp placement and the trees on these maps which are hard or impossible to attack.

Find SOME OF THE BEST SPOTS here https://warcraft3.info/articles/305/encyclopedia-for-wisp-positioning

This post (while 2 years old) is still extremely relevant given that many of the maps described are still in the w3c map pool or in some tourney map pools. However, sometimes maps are edited with even some small edits to tree locations resulting in some wisp placements being impossible now. As such some of the images in that article may not be relevant anymore. The only way to tell for sure is to test them out.

Furthermore, on the Night Elf discord and Gym discord even more positions have been suggested via screenshots and videos as potentially good spots to position your wisps. Check out the below video for several of the maps (which is also several years old).

Below are additional videos and screenshots for each of the ladder maps from the NE discord and from Gym’s Discord outlining trees that can be mined and are hard to attack or impossible to attack.

Echo Isles

This one is attackable
but you can hide here

Shallow Grave

Autumn Leaves

Tide Hunters

Shattered Exile

Northern Isles


Not a tree but a good place to run if chased by a melee hero.
a safe spot to teleport to to creepjack the orc player (wisp cannot be killed during the staff) and your hero will land outside near the creep.
This position is unattackable with the building being there. But the building can be destroyed in 3 shots and then you can kill the wisp.
Same spot as the last image but without the building in front and the wisp can now be attacked.
The building in front of this wisp is also killable but it may be a good place to put a wisp if you are just trying to waste time before it dies.
This is another place you can run which is not a tree. While the red camp is killed here, you can actually run the wisp in along the side without waking up the creep.
Creeps do not aggro here so you can sneak in.

Last Refuge

for this position you need to destroy a building to get to this unattacable position.
You have to destroy a building to get your wisp into this un attackable position so its likely to never be of much use.

Terenas Stand LV

Concealed Hill