DK Ghoul Tier 3 Expo vs KotG DH


This build allows you to simultaneously tech tier 3 while also harassing. Your aim is to slow the Night Elf’s creeping down, steal experience, and also hopefully slow the expo as a result. You will get to tier 3 relatively quickly at which time you can get your orb and set up your own counter expansion. This coupled with a successful harass should put you in a position to develop into the late game vs the Night Elf.

Difficulty of Build: Advanced. You must be able to multitask and micro both your DK while harassing and also creep with your ghouls alone.


  • Safe early game.
  • Due to your harrass you will always know where the night elf is.
  • Tier 3 expansion allows you to both counter expo but also unlock your tier 3 technologies quickly.


  • There will be a time at early tier 3 when you get your orb and also expand that you will not have that many units. Night Elfs may be able to slow down or stop your expansion from occurring.
  • Tricky to maintain good harass while creeping. Must also be cognisant of the Keeper’s positioning (check for tele staff).

Mid to Late Game Transitions

Generally if the Night Elf is going bears, then master banshees is a great counter. It allows you to control the bears and then simply take out the dryads. Mix in a couple of destroyers to dispel entangle and treants. You will also have a healthy supply of fiends. 1-2 abominations can also be a consideration late game with disease cloud.