GNL Fantasy League S8 Week 2 Update


It is time for an end of Week 2 Update on Fantasy League. At the time of writing this Guru vs. OCDrummer has not yet been played from Week 2. The points from that game also determines if any bonus points are given to fantasy league team owners who selected FSLA or SiT as their team. Grinchy vs Empire Earth has also not yet been played. Grinchy is on 32 fantasy teams and depending on that outcome it may also change the standings a bit.

But now on to where we currently stand.

Since our week 1 update a lot has changed on the score board.

Here are the top 10 as of right now.

RankFantasy teamPointsTeam owner
1 Wontu and the Wontettes 47Wontu
2 Backdoor Protector 47Pischner
3 Piggy13 44Hellomotto
4 SkyrimBelongsToTheNords! 43DragonbornBR
5FourthAge Fantasy41Fourthage
7Planet of the Apes39Kaiser
9Just play elf 5head38Remote
10Bench of Degenerates37Narbu

As you can see when compared to last week, most notably Kaiser’s team (which had previously been tied for first with Bektecus’ team) has dropped to 7th place. Bektecus’ team has dropped out of the top 10.

Wontu and Pischner are now tied for first with 47 points a piece. It should be noted that Kaiser and Wontu who have now been first position in weeks 1 and 2 respectively are both also co-captains of team Boshi’s Monkees. It seems rather convenient that Wontu… the person tallying the scores… is in first place. He even places himself above Pischner who is tied for first with him. Atleast when I rig GNL I dont make it obvious.

But have no fear. Wontu and Pischner are indeed currently tied for first. And if history has told us anything… Kaisers’ team will likely not end up in first.

Another interesting tidbit of information Wontu gave us is a that to date only 6 players have gone 2-0. They have all netted 6 points for each of their respective fantasy league teams.

At this point in the season there is not much to talk about since the rankings are rather volatile. As we get closer to the end of the season hopefully I can point out some key upcoming matches or games that may make or break the rankings in fantasy league.

Finally special shout out to the 11th place team called “BarrenTV tells good jokes”. Just like your team, your name is a complete fantasy. LATER NERD.

Keep up to date on all the teams and the scores as they are updated here