After a hard fought final week of games (with it literally coming down to the last possible series) we can now officially say that team Jabba Lick Team (JLT) have taken first place by 1 POINT! Congratulations to Colorado16, Jatz, Jabba, Borismirheis, Spycreed, Debaser, Oldgreg, Sl4sh, StarscreamR, NorthDrakkar, BurrowRush, Barlenn, Curunir, Raymonde, BloodNinjA, BurdNGoN, Bread (BRAD), and the unofficial coach/captain/jabba fan Toxi!

Here are the point totals as of now:

JLT wins over CoK by only 1 point!

Shout out to Clutch or Kick (CoK) for fighting it out to the very last series. They had to come from behind, point wise, at the very end and almost were able to tie/beat JLT in the very last series!

Superstars in Training (SiT) also made a super late run and almost upset both JLT and CoK to take the crown.

In the end, all the teams duked it out to the end resulting in a tight race. You can see all the teams/players here.

Picture Created by Mission

Plans going forward

GNL will be back for a season 11. It will be in 2022. We will likely get going with sign ups either right before Raraland or right after the Raraland LAN event. We will post more information on here, Twitter, and on Discord when sign ups open. Be on the look out for that information in late September or early October. However, the coaches/captains and everyone else on Discord will still be around ready to train and play in the meantime.

While GNL is on its off season we will continue hosting events such as GNL S10 Cup, the King of the Hill and potentially other cool tournaments and projects.

We are always looking for new projects/events to do in Warcraft 3, on our Discord, or on our site. If you have any suggestions or ideas message one of the admins on Discord. If you would like to help out as well with any of the things being done in Gym, just message Barren or one of the other admins.

Come hang out with us on Discord. The games never stop there. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Shout outs!

To make this all possible a ton of people kicked in and helped out. And at this point I want to give a few shout outs. Well actually a lot of shout outs because a ton of people stepped up in a big way. And I likely am missing a few people.

For GNL: Thank you to the floating coaches Hipposaur, Leon, Jtz, Hindsight2020, Alexchenman, Spiral, Toxi, Reset, Ceron, ArminvB90, TiesigoG, Krolu, Quberte, Sayso, Syde, Guvnor, Ember, and Monk. Honestly I am probably missing a few on top of that. There were just that many.

Thank you to the captains/coaches: Nega Nebulas, Floss2xdaily, Link, Phonix, Pokey, Barren, Scription, Wontu, Eugene, Kaiser, Sythren, Sav70, Paz, Colorado, and Jatz.

For the site: Shout out to Sasha for making it out of nothing. Thank you to Wontu, Link, and Cepheid for helping maintain it.

For Fantasy League: Thank you to Wontu, OldGreg, Debaser, and Sasha.

The people who wrote our bots: Debaser and Remotefan1.

For GNL Cups: Thank you Softicecream.

Once again thank you to everyone for making this a sick season. GNL and Gym is honestly a core reason why I keep coming back to the community.