Kevinwc3 takes the Crown in Gym’s first KOTH Masters Edition!


Yesterday Gym held its first King of the Hill Masters Edition with 12 of the better players in Gym fighting it out for the King role and top slot in Gym’s discord. And for some ice cream money.

In the end Kevinwc3 took the crown!

Games Played

  • 1. Bizzare vs. TiesioG
  • 2. Bizzare vs. Hipposaur
  • 3. Bizzare vs. Syde
  • 4. Bizzare vs. Quberte.
  • 5. Quberte vs. Pokey
  • 6. Quberte vs. Kevinwc3
  • 7. Kevinwc3 vs. Ceron
  • 8. Kevinwc3 vs. Smurf/Narbu
  • 9. Kevinwc3 vs. ArminvB
  • 10. Kevinwc3 vs. Sayso
  • 11. Kevinwc3 vs. Hankk

Game of the Night

Prize Pay Outs and Breakdown

  • Kevinwc3 walks away with $105 dollars in total.
    • Kevin made $90 from defeating Quberte, Ceron, Narbu, Armin, Sayso and Hank, $5 from a TM bounty, and $10 dollars for being in the last game of the night.
  • Bizzare walks away with $60 dollars in total.
    • Bizzare made $45 from defeating TiesioG, Hipposaur, and Syde, $10 from game of the night, and $5 from a TM bounty.
  • Quberte walks away with $25 in total.
    • Quberte made $20 from defeating Bizzare and Pokey. Someone also donated $5 to Quberte for dethroning Bizzare.
  • Hipposaur walks away with $10 in total for getting game of the night (linked above).
  • Hankk walks away with $10 for being in the last match of the day.

You can find out information about all the rules and prizes in this post.

To Summarize…

Yesterday was an awesome event where we got to watch some amazing games by some amazing players.

If the community is interested we will do more of these in the future~. In the meantime we still are doing King of the Hills every Saturday for players of varying mmr levels. If you want to take part in that check out this page which has all the information. We will be back to regular KOTHs next week!

Thank you to Wontu for helping with the images used on stream and also Imapanda for co-casting and admining.

All the videos of the game have been uploaded to youtube and can be found in this playlist: