Quick Headhunters and Slow Tauren Chieftain


Tauren Chieftain (TC) and Headhunters (HH) is an unconventional strategy to see in solo, but it does see some use. This build is most effective in team games 2v2, 4v4 etc due to the fact that HH provide military strength from early on and scale well though most stages through the game, especially thanks to their upgrade on t3 beserker form. HH are complimented quite nicely by the TC aura and also stomp/wave. While TC is usually used in this strategy, due to the later altar you can actually get a tavern hero instead of TC if you want to.

Its is possible to play this build in 1v1 in certain match ups like orc mirror, but it is not seen very often at all. With headhunters you can creep very fast and more cost efficient since you spend less gold on healing items compared to grunt build orders. It is important is to get as many HH as quickly as possible as they are weak in small numbers. With enough damage per second output (aka a lot of HH) you can scare away enemies like bm, dh, etc if they decide to harass you.

Difficulty of Build: Easy. The build is straight forward but does have many weaknesses.


  • You get Headhunters very quickly with this strategy and basically can begin creeping right away as soon as your TC is summoned.
  • TC aura as well as stomp/wave compliment HH nicely.


  • Your only lockdown is TC stomp. You are also rather weak until you get out several HH. HH are very easy to kill in small numbers.

Race Match Ups:

vs. Orc: This is generally seen (if ever) in solo in the orc vs orc match up. It is not commonly seen in other solo match ups.

Mid to Late game transitions:

As you progress into tier 2 you have several options on how to proceed with the rest of the game. You can choose some of the following options:

  • TC shadow hunter with hh/shaman (bloostlust). This is one of the stronger options unless there is mass dispel then you may not want to go this strategy.
  • TC solo pure hh with lots of upgrades.
  • TC and panda with hh/docs (heal wards) (this is better in team games due to the area of effect spells of the docs).
  • TC with mass hh and demolishers.

Regardless of what strategy you go, you may want to get 1 kodo with the aura upgrade as to boost your HH damage. You should also get troll regeneration and at tier 3 beserker upgrade. These are must have upgrades.

Be sure to have buy an invulnerability pot on your TC as stomp is critical in keeping your enemy in place and aiming them down. This means your TC will be on the front line.

Shockwave may be good in some situations but stomp is the usual choice.

Finally, when you do fight be sure to activate your beserker ability.

Here is a replay of the build being done bv Hankk vs. Scars:


Here is a video of the build being described:

Here is a video of the build being executed in a 4v4 (watch Hankk):