Solo Paladin Baptism Build


Written by DarkDestroy/TheRedOrc

The Solo Paladin build is effective only against Undead players and relies on hitting and running
strategies with eliminating buildings as the primary objective to win the game. You will need to out
micro the opponent in the early game and leverage static defenses to hold against any initial pushes
as your army will not be able to beat the opponent’s army.

There are also variations against other races as Grubby shows but the build will be most effective
against UD.

Difficulty of build: This can work on all levels, it all comes down to execution as Gym members have
achieved 1700 MMR with this strategy. Your beginning of the match will also be the same as a
standard HU build which we recommend you perfect before playing this strategy.

Depending on the map, it is suggested to instant expo – maps that can be instantly expanded
include: AL, EI, LR, NIS, TH, SG, LT, TS, ST. Other maps ie: AZ, CH, RC, SV which are harder to expand
may favor a 1 base play.


  • Can’t get nuked to death as your paladin has divine shield.
  • Strong cheese if left unscouted and hard to defend once towers and expansion goes up.
  • You can transition into the underused human units (mass tanks and copters).


  • Very weak if scouted and opponent does an all-in on your expansion.
  • Solo hero so if there are a lot of creeps, the opponent will have the advantage in hero levels.
  • Need to constantly pull militia depending on your losses during your expansion.

Race Match Ups:

Mid to Late Game Transitions:

  • Continue building mass towers, make sure to hit the Undead economy with your paladin on their acolytes, you will need to buy boots of speed and staff of teleport to be effective. After you hit level 3 (for level 2 holy light), you want to constantly be harassing the UD acolytes and utilize your divine shield ability to kill workers. Staff out when divine shield runs out or when he comes back to try and defend. Go right back once divine shield is off cooldown. You should be constantly doing this unless you are attempting to creep a camp for another expansion.
  • Mass tanks or mass copters will be effective for building elimination.

Here is an example of a variation of the build being used by Grubby vs Orc.

Here are 2 replays of myself playing vs UDs with the strategy: