Team CoK Crowned Kings of GNL Season 7


While the GNL season still has a few makeup games left to be played, it is mathematically certain that team Clutch or Kick is the victor! Congratulations to coaches Sythren & Unsaid for taking their team to victory. And congratulations to the players themselves: tarvin, tonktanks, pokebunny, Hastur, aWalk, Remote, TheGrinchyUNO, Grizzy, sashaza, Melina, Colorado and Colin. It was a great season. I seem to say after most seasons that this was the best season yet, but I can truly say this really was indeed the best season yet.

Some of the highlights included the fact that we had many new amazing faces in GNL (who exceeded everyone’s expectations both in and out of game), some amazing games and series, and numerous veterans of GNL stepping up to help make sure that almost all of the games were casted, and just a ton of fun both in voice chat and on discord chat.

Not only did the GNL players come out in full force to make for another amazing GNL season but we also had numerous players in the scene step up to help coach this season. This included Sythren, Unsaid, Barren, Lucker, Paz, Jatz, Narbu, BlackPhoenix, Nega Nebulas, Floss2xdaily, Sayso, Kaiser and Mantalo. We also had numerous floating coaches Hipposaur, Scription, Quberte, EmberMate, Guvnor, ArminvB90, Monk, JTZ, Ceron, and Reset. Thank you to all of them!

On top of that back2warcraft was able to show case some of those amazing games on the biggest stage in the scene. Thank you to Bidoux for setting that up.

GNL will be back for another season for sure. We will be taking a break though to allow everyone to recharge their batteries. In the meantime we have numerous planned events (and will probably come up with more over time) that people can take part in.

This Saturday 28 August we have our GNL S7 Cup. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now!

We will have our King Of The Hill tourney every other Saturday thereafter as well!

We are planning on having a league vs league show matches with Rocketbean’s Creepcamp league at some point. And I have plans for reaching out to other communities as well to do other show matches/”league wars” if possible.

Thank you to everyone who in anyway contributed to the success of this league. Even though the season is basically over, the training never ends. Please come join us on our discord and keep your eye out on this site and discord for information when the next season will occur.