GNL Fantasy League S8 Week 3 Update


Time for the weekly update! These results are as current as of Tuesday 11/23 morning.

There are still quite a few games from week 3 that have to be made up and thus have not been added to the total point values. These include panorama vs wearseh, BAK vs. Fila, Skywalker vs Nouki, Colorado16 vs Niklaus, Seanreit vs Buzzkill, and Vampy vs Blade.

Besides Skywalker vs Nouki, all the other games not only impact the individual points that each player can bring to the fantasy teams, but will also result in fantasy teams scoring some bonus points for picking the correct team to win the week. So alot could still change in the near future point wise.

It should also be noted that one game from week 4 has already been played and factored into the scores (Wontu vs. Saulgoodman).

Here are the top 10 as of right now.

RankFantasy teamPointsTeam owner
1 Wontu and the Wontettes 64Wontu
2 Backdoor Protector 63Pischner
3 Kings of Kings59Hastur
4 Piggy1359Hellomotto
5FourthAge Fantasy58Fourthage
6Kobayashi Maru57Freeman
9peasants under siege stop yelling56MIssion
10 Just play elf 5head 55Remote

As you can see the players in the top 5 top ranks have not changed too much since last week. Of note Kaiser, Flutschfinger, oxygensix, and narbu have dropped from the top 10. Hastur’s team has made a huge leap up to rank 3 and freeman, forkxx, and mission have also all jumped into the top 10.

Now on to some stats from Wontu.

The players/teams making moves and scoring points in week 3.

Fantasy teams that have picked the Boshi’s Monkees or players Pischner, ThaGrinchy31, and/or Buzzkill have netted numerous points over the past 3 weeks. With some week 3 games not being played yet it is still undecided if the Boshi’s Monkees will win week 3. If they do win then those fantasy teams who selected them may net a few extra points.

Jatz’s team “The Jatz Crackers” and Nether’s Team “More Like Bropeth” both basically doubled their week 1 and 2 scores in week 3 with each team gaining roughly 20 points.

However, the biggest winner of week 3 thus far has been forkxx with 22 points in week 3 alone which has boosted him to being tied for rank 7/8.

Teams going the wrong way in rank week 3.

While some teams shot up the rankings… a few others did not do so well week 3. Kaiser’s team “Planet of the Apes” has only netted 6 points in week 3 so far which takes him out of the top 10 and dropped him to rank 28. But there was still one person who netted even fewer…

Unfortunately for Flutschfinger his team “Krautfingers” has only scored 2 points in week 3 so far dropping him all the way to rank 40.

If it makes you two feel any better you both are still ahead of Nega Nebulas’s team “Anti Rigged League” who is rank 42. He simply did not pay me enough money.

To sum up…

We got 2 weeks left and the scores are still extremely close with first place having 64 points and rank 20 having 49. Plenty of teams are still left in the hunt for first place.

Hopefully going into the final week I will be able to break down the key match ups that may make or break who wins our first season of fantasy league.

You can compare this weeks results with the week 1 update and week 2 update.

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