GNL Fantasy League S9 Weeks 1 and 2 Update


Welcome to the first update for GNL S9 Fantasy League. You can find all the current rankings and rules here for fantasy league.

These below information is based off stats that were current as of Monday March 21, 2022

Here is the top 10 as of now.

RankFantasy teamPointsTeam owner
1Swedish Meatballs82Atari17
4I took an Arrow to the knee74DragonBornBR
5Sav70’s Savage SuperStarS73RooK
7Galaxy Brains70Jampion
8Tarmok’s colorful bunch70Tarmok
9Fourthage’s Fantasy69FourthAge
10Off Guys69Colorado

The man, the myth, the legend, Atari17 is sitting in first place. Not only does he win WC3 games in style (by straight teching with no hero to wyrms) he also wins at Fantasy League.

9 fantasy team owners are currently beating Off Guys. That is, I mean, the team called Off Guys is in 10th place with 69 points and there are 9 teams ahead of them. Also 69 points- Nice. (editors note- seriously colorado “Off Guys”?… touche).

Fun facts so far

Some other notable stats are that currently 4 players have gone 2-0 in fantasy league- EchoGoodman (who is on 5 teams), Trowa (on 11 teams), Skywalker (3 teams), and BurrowRush (3 teams).

Leading in benched points is Debaser with 13 points and gotquail, stopclick, and habitant with 12 points. These 4 team owners may see a surge in points as their players begin to play more games resulting in the possibility of more points.

Sitting tied for 48th Place is UD OP. Right below him in 51st place is team Humba. 48th and 51st place out of 55 teams… I am sure we will never hear the end of this from human players on how UD is overpowered and human needs a buff.

Sitting 25 ranks above the streamer is Barren’s Chat. Barren’s Chat is once again informing Barren that he does not know what he is doing.

Games Still Outstanding from Week 1 and 2

We have a few outstanding games from week 1 and 2 that still need to be done and have not been added into the total point scores.

In Week 1 Fattymasker vs Pokebunny has not yet been played. Obviously whoever picked one of them to win will get a few more points. Plus, it will determine how many points those who picked “Clutch or Kick” as the winning team will accumulate for the week.

Also from week 1 it is still undetermined which “race” will be ranked 3rd by win % (and get 2 points) and which race will get 4th by win % (and get 0 points). Its currently a battle for last place between HU and NE, with fattymasker being HU and Pokebunny being NE.

In Week 2 there are numerous games still outstanding.

Air vs Vampy, BloodNinja vs. Humperdink (which will also determine how many points those who picked Wild Fish will get for winning the week), and Neo vs Holle and Nuelltz vs Valuesnack (which will determine how many points those who picked Clutch or Kick will get for winning the week). Plus for week 2 it is still undetermined which race will get 4 points (for second place), 2 points (for 3rd place) or 0 points for 4th. But Orc currently has a 100% win rate and has clinched first with 6 points.

Looking forward

There are still plenty of games and plenty of matches to be played! The scores are close and due to betting on specific matches each week the ranks will more than likely be volatile. Hopefully as we get closer to the end of the season we can get a better idea of how the ranks are shaping up.

Maybe we can get some interesting race stats and make pie charts or something next week.

We will continue with the updates. Stay tuned~