GNL S8 Team Announcements, S8 Schedule, and More!


With season 8 right around the corner it is time to reveal the teams! Click here to see the GNL teams, their names/logos, and the floating coaches/captains for this season!

The first week of games starts on November 1. Until then people can meet and train with their teams and the captains/coaches. There will then be 5 weeks of games ending Sunday December 5.

Those who wish to still sign up can do so here, however, you will go onto the waiting list. Those of you on the waiting list, don’t worry! People sometimes drop out and we look to those on the waiting list to replace them. Also, even if you are on the waiting list you can still play and practice with everyone and get help from the coaches!

This season our floating coaches and captains consist of ArminvB90, ToD, Alexchen, Ceron, Hipposaur, Quberte, Sayso, Reset, JTZ, Hindsight, Guvnor, Monk, floss2xdaily, lucker, Scription, Sythren, Unsaid, Barren, Kaiser, Wontu, Jatz, NegaNebulas, and Phoenix. Thank you to all of them for helping us out this season.

If anyone else would like to help as a coach/captain message a gym admin on discord. The more the merrier. There is no required time commitment, any help is welcome.

Last but not least, we have several other GNL projects in the works which you will see in the coming days/weeks including:

  • An improved home page which will show all scheduled GNL series for the upcoming week along with dates, times and twitch links if you’ve booked a caster.
  • A GNL fantasy league which anyone can take part in.

If you do not know what GNL is you can find out more information here.

GL HF to all the teams and players. This season is shaping up to be amazing!