24 Food Proxy Expo


This build is seen mostly against Undead, but has situational viability in other match-ups. The
idea is to sacrifice a little bit of power in the early game to establish a two base economy. Once
your economy is up and running you can pump units and upgrades. Because your expo is a
proxy, there is the potential that your opponent won’t scout it, which gives you an even bigger
advantage. Typically this build is done with Keeper of the Grove as your first hero.

Difficulty of Build: Medium (requires AoW creeping and knowing where to place proxy expansions).


  • Gets you a good economy fairly early
  • Can allow you to win by sheer numbers


  • Slightly weaker early game
  • If your expo gets canceled, it can set you back a lot.

Race Match Ups:

vs. UD: The most common match up to see this build. Typically you’ll want to start with KotG
and get a Demon Hunter second. Once you are on Tier 2 and have your expo, it’s common to
pump dryads and rely on your DH to tank.
vs. HU: Ok if you know your opponent it fast expoing. This will keep you on equal economic
footing. Typically played with KotG. Once you reach Tier 2 and have your expo, considering
transitioning into a Tier 3 Bear/Dryad army.
vs. NE: Situationally used. If your opponent is staying 1 base, they have the potential to gain
the tech advantage, which puts you in a hard spot.
vs. ORC: Not used.

You will build 11 Wisps before teching to Tier 2. To make the build order less cluttered, only
the first 4 wisps are included. Remember to continue Wisp production until you have 10 Wisps
on wood.

Mid to Late Game Transitions:

Once you hit this point adapt your game to the situation. When this build is used vs UD, it is common to
stay on Tier 2 and pump Dryads, get upgrades, and try and finish the game. You can also transition into
Bears by teching to tier 3. If vs UD and transitioning to bears, consider adding an Ancient of Wind so you
can get Hippogryphs to counter the inevitable Destroyers.